Thursday, 10 April 2014

#CNOS3 Challenge 1: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard – A Youth Lifestyle Mall (BTS)

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The monday right after we got our brief for challenge 1, me and my team headed down to Cineleisure to film our video and

We took around 8 hours to film our video so we were really shagged by the time we wrapped up.
Nevertheless it was really lots of fun (as you can see from our BTS) and I wish I can take so much more of these epic videos. LOL. Tiring but rewarding when it's all finished.

I will be posting our actual video this weekend,


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

#CNOS3 Challenge 3: Local Heroes (That's us!)

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This is Trista from Team T.E.A recollecting challenge 3 held last saturday!

Challenge 3 tested our entrepreneurship and marketing skills on a whole new level because all teams were to get items from Cineleisure itself so there was a chance of repeated items which was why we focused on branding ourselves.
Prior to the event, we were discussing on what to name ourselves and when I realized all our initials formed the word T.E.A - that was our eureka moment! 
We decided to give out tea bags to each of our customers since we were TEAM T.E.A!
I came up with the logo and packaging design for our teabags, Emily with the logistics & Akemi with the booth design. Small roles which contributed to the success of our team.
Each team was given a NETS YONO Flash Pay card with a $300 stored value to get items we want from Cineleisure to sell to the public and generate as much profit as we could for SPCA!

So the moment we got our cards we rushed up to all the shops we already had our eyes on.

 Minikin was really kind to give us huge discounts when we explained how we were helping SPCA with our purchases (:
We also headed to Very to get leather bracelets which turned out to be our BEST SALE!
With the NETS YONO FlashPay card, all you need to do is tap & your payment is done!
You don't even have to key in any pin number or sign anything.

NETS FlashPay have over 50,000 acceptance points island-wide so you don't have to worry if the shop you're shopping / eating at don't accept NETS YONO FlashPay card.
Not only that, you can also use it for public transport (MRT/LRT/Bus/ERP/Parking/Taxi).
Gone are the days when you forget your pin or forget to bring your EZLink/cashcard because it's now all in one!

I think it's really convenient because that means I can finally just bring my card case and head out without a bag (I have those days) and not worry about coins jingling in my pocket (great news for guys!). What's more, there are lots of perks and privileges just for NETS YONO FlashPay users! 
Beadstreet is my favouritest-est-est shop in Cineleisure because everything is so affordable. 
If only I could just tap and buy the whole shop, LOL.
We came down 4 days prior to the flea to reserve our items and the kind boss + staff from beadstreet assisted us with our kiasu-ism.

After getting everything we proceeded to set-up our booth and after lots of sweating we had the most hipster looking booth!

Here's a short video of our shopping / set-up!

Sales was kinda slow initially and we had alot of camwhoring / #selfie moments but inside I was worrying because we had alot of small items and what if we couldn't sell them all T_T
 But thankfully, sales picked up when our friends and followers came down to our booth to support us!!

Not forgetting the moment when they were playing 'Umbrella' by Rihanna and we danced under my umbrella ella ellaaaaaaa~

It was crazy fun and soon enough our time for the fund raising was up!
Towards the last part all of us were rushing like mad and pushing sales and I was going crazy writing the receipts before the organizers counted our final profit, but it was all worth it because...

We were genuinely surprised because we had quite a few items left unsold~
I'm eternally grateful to all of you guys who came down to support TEAM T.E.A!
And not forgetting my awesome teammates / tenants of Cineleisure / NETS FlashPay / SPCA who showed us tremendous support with all the discounts & sponsors.
What do I do without y'all~~

Ok, emotions aside, all the #CNOS3 teams managed to raise a total of $1832 in short 3 hours. Well done guys!!
I can envision all the happy animals at SPCA smiling at us!!!!

Like NETS SG on facebook now for promotions, perks exclusively for NETS FlashPay users (Cathay 1 for 1 movie tickets!!!) as well as contests and how to get your very own card!

Before I end this post I want to give a shoutout to SPCA for all their efforts in taking care of animals that are abandoned by previous owners or tortured, nursing and finding them new homes. You can do your part by adopting one of the many animals home but only if you can take up the responsibility or make a donation by clicking the button below.

That's all for challenge 3!
Till the next challenge post~
#CNOS3 #Itsgonnagetsensational 


Sunday, 6 April 2014

#CNOS3 Challenge 4: Kings & Queens of #

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It's April which also means it's #SELFIE MONTH!

Okay I totally made that up, 
April's #triissy #selfie #month in collaboration with @cathaylifestyle!!

Most of us are guilty of taking #selfies wether you want to admit it or not but it's really DA HYPE now no thanks to the #selfie song.

Click play in case you haven't heard the song already

And if that wasn't champion enough we have the selfie stick.

The most important factor in taking that perfect #selfie is lighting.
It can make or break your #selfie and the most flattering source of light comes from the sun!

From the arrows you can see where the main light source is shining at me and most of the time I would be in a position where the light is on my face!
The sun was especially bright in the bottom right photo so that #selfie was taken against the light.
If you don't have a bright area in your house, head out and #selfie away in your backyard / corridor / balcony.
Only worry about being seen by your neighbours after taking your #selfie :P

If you think you have what it takes to be the boss of #selfie, I AM LOOKING FOR YOU!

♥ Follow @cathaylifestyle and @triissy (if you haven't!) on instagram
♥ Take a super leng photo or use one of your past selfies
♥ Tag @cathaylifestyle followed by hashtagging #cathaylifestyle_STOM and 

You'll get a chance to have your face plastered on a huge wall in Cineleisure so there's guaranteed traffic and who knows opportunities may arise~

NOT ONLY THAT! Because hashtaggers of #triissyselfiesbetterthanyours are awesome,
I'll be picking a personal favorite selfie to win a mystery prize!


So I decided to close my eyes and do a random pick on all the tagged photos and because Fiona literally spammed all her photos, SHE GOT THE MYSTERY PRIZEEEE!
Talk about a supportive spouse <3


Thursday, 3 April 2014

#CNOS3 Challenge 2: Nom Nom Challenge!

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Are you ready for our second challenge?
Last saturday we gathered at Charlie Brown Cafe for the Nom Nom Challenge.
I was grouped with TEAM TarZaN (T for Tris, Z for ZhiYan & N for Natalie) my super high babes!
Natalie - videographer / ZhiYan - our zai chef aka domestic goddess / Me - photographer!

In this challenge, we would be recreating pancakes from the Charlie Brown menu so that it looks just the way Charlie Brown serves it to their customers. You might be thinking it's a pretty easy task to make pancakes - well it sure was harder than I thought.
More stress was added because Miss Tam Chiak (Maureen Ow) is our judge for this challenge.
Hahahh just kidding, she's really friendly in real life! (:

After a short briefing (and some spying on the previous groups) we were all geared up and ready to meet the master chef - Nicole!

She carefully explained every step as she went through her demo and warned us that the batter was heavy so we could switch chefs if there was a need to. Oh and the pan is a whopping 180°c hot! 
Tip on food preparation: 
Memorize all the steps needed in making that particular dish and get all the ingredients ready! You don't want to be scrambling around for ingredients halfway through cooking which wastes more time and you risk getting food burnt.

Before we knew it, it was chef zhiyan's turn and she did really great, I mean just look at how perfectly round that pancake is! It was quite a funny scene seeing her laugh and panicking at the same time, made my heart beat faster as well.
To further show you how zai our chef was I made a GIF:
Tip on cooking:
Check on your food to see if it's cooked/getting burnt time to time. Be gentle while flipping / lifting things because over exertion of energy will only ruin the food / shape. But if you're stir frying then there's no worry for that.

Tips on presentation & styling:
1. Plain plates work most of the time
They allow the food to be the star and nothing else! While fancy plates have their own charm, they can detract from the charm of the food. 

2. Small portions
"The best things come in small packages" and this applies to food too without exception. Large amount of food on the plate usually loses its yum factor as it makes the viewer feel bloated even before eating just like how you can feel hungry when you look at something delicious.

3. Colors
A good composition of colors in the dish will make it more appealing.
Pair up bright colors with neutral tones to make the whole presentation pop.

Final best shot of our pancake:
In Singapore, it's almost customary now to snap photos of our food before eating.
While I'm not a professional photographer, my photos improved with alot of practice & experimenting.  I often shoot with my phone / point & shoot camera so if you're struggling to take that perfect photo of your food, here are some tips for you!

1. Natural lighting, never flash!
If I could make using flash illegal I would! Normal flash is too harsh on the subject you're shooting and it will produce stark shadows which makes everything unappealing.
For times when you're in a dimly lit place, one thing you can do is to play around with white balance and exposure in your camera settings.
If you have a DSLR, grab any white namecard as a flash bouncer but the last time I did it, the card burnt. LOL

2. Visualize
Before spamming the shutter button, visualize how you want the photo to be and what you're trying to portray. Visualizing cuts short the time wasted shooting aimlessly and it gives your photo a certain mood. Play around with different angles in your mind. If in doubt, shoot from the top - works 99.9% of the time.

"Think more, shoot less."

3. Simplicity
Less is more.
If the basket/cup don't add to the photo, ditch em! You don't need extra items to pull attention away from the dish. Go closer / zoom in to the dish instead.
Avoid a background cluttered with furniture / people / etc. Have them blurred by using macro mode or macro lens with a wide aperture (eg: 50mm f/1.4 - the lesser the number the wider the aperture). This way the focus is kept on the food.

At the end of the day it all boils down to practice makes perfect and don't compare your photos with others because each of us have our own individuality but referencing is OK!

Check out our crazy experience in the video below!

Keep a lookout for the next challenge post!
#CNOS3 #Itsgonnagetsensational