REVIEW: Getting in shape with The Body Firm!

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How many of you babes have been struggling with weight problems?
Especially after the CNY feasting period, I'm undoubtedly one of the girls who is desperately trying to shed off extra pounds to look good and feel confident again.
I know I'm not exactly fat, sightly chubby but my dream is to be one of those skinny skinny blogshop  model kinda skinny girl and I've recently been so busy with work I gradually stopped exercising and I've also recently gained weight because of my very happy relationship with G - where we eat and eat and eat and are still eating. (We're cutting down now)

I was invited down to The Body Firm for a session of TBF and I-Lipo and it was something really new which I've never tried before so I'm gonna share it with you today.
Nestled on the fourth floor of Delfi Orchard, The Body Firm is small yet cosy, I felt like I was at home because of the warm lighting and Selina, the spa manager who attended to me was friendly and pretty so I was actually kinda shy to show my flabby body but she was very assuring and told me there's nothing to be shy about.

Prior to the session, I was given an short introduction on how both the TBF & I-Lipo machines that I am going to be put through work and the benefits it bring. Notice how I'm eyeing the TBF system? I was apprehensive at first because the system had so many wires on it looks like a torture device. You know the kind thats give you electric shock? YUP.
So what is the TBF system and what does it do?

The TBF system is developed by a british scientist who was one of the co-inventors of the pacemaker and from my own knowledge, anything english is good and safe so my heart calmed down a little.

TBF system uses a type of neuro stimulation applied to your body muscles through specialized pads which can be placed at any location you want to get your muscles working. Currents are then passed through the pads to your muscles - contracting and relaxing them in intervals making you feel like you're really using your muscles except you're lying down on the bed doing absolutely nothing.
25 minutes on this machine is equivalent to hours and sweat at the gym or 330 sit ups if placed on your abdomen.
How does it feel?

At first when I was at level 1, the currents were small and what I felt were tingling sensations and there was no pain at all, just weird. Pads were placed on my tummy, arms and hips and as the muscles on our arms are smaller, so you'll feel more tingling than other parts of your body.

Selina ups the level every few mins and soon I was at 6.5. That was the max I could go because I could feel my body jerking when the contractions happened and while there was no pain I felt like I was hardcore lifting weights for 25 minutes. Not sure if it was just me, I was actually quite amused by the whole procedure and how my body reacted I kept laughing. Selina was sharing with me that there was a customer who actually went up to the max level 10. WOAH.

If you're wondering how my body reacted during the contractions, here's a 20 seconds video of me and my fat arms and TBF system.

What kind of results to expect & how much?

For those with a lot of body fats, you can expect at least 1-2 inches loss in a few sessions.
For those with little body fats and looking to just tone up or reduce cellulite, TBF will work for you as well. Not only will you lose fats, you will also look toner, leaner, stronger and fitter!!
I actually felt slight soreness on my tummy the next day but then again this way I know TBF works.

Each session is as little as S$89 depending on which package you opt for.

Following TBF system, I proceeded with the I-Lipo which looks less intimidating and felt like the cool down after toning my muscles.
What's I-Lipo and what does it do?

I-Lipo is the non-surgical alternative to liposuction which allows you to experience fat reduction and get a slimmer, tighter shape all over with no pain or needles.

We all know traditional liposuction is painful and invasive plus all the bruises and downtime you'll experience unlike the I-Lipo which uses laser to shrink the fat cells in your body. The laser penetrates a few mm beneath your skin, targeting the subcutaneous fat cells without risking damage to your organs and nerves. This allows some of your fat content to be released into you lymphatic drainage system allowing it to be burned off.
How does it feel?

There are 4 applicators which can be placed on any area you wish to target. While laser is being emitted from the applicator, you'd feel slight warmth which is just right and relaxing. Again, there is no pain felt at all and I think I even napped a bit because it was that comfortable.
What kind of results to expect & how much?

Each treatment lasts for 20 minutes and within the 20mins, about 500 calories worth of fat are being released into your lymphatic system and results improve with every session. 8 sessions can let you see a dramatic change in your body shape but of course watching out for your diet is also very crucial. The I-Lipo is perfect for fat & inch reduction, body contouring and is an excellent type of spot reduction if you have stubborn fat in certain areas.

Depending on the package chosen, each treatment starts from S$249.

Final Verdict

After both treatments, I was able to carry out my normal activities straight after as there's no downtime and as mentioned above, I felt some muscle soreness at my tummy area which means TBF system really worked! I can now skip exercising and focus on my diet. There were no red patches or anything on my skin afterwards, so no worries about it being obvious that you went for slimming treatments!

The only thing I felt was thirst, and it is important to drink enough water after the whole treatment just like how you would after exercising for hours. Never ever dehydrate yourself!!!

YES! The Body Firm is suitable for both women and men and besides body shaping treatments, they also provide facial services with more than 10 different types to choose from so there's definitely one that will suit you.

PLUS! They also offer hair removal services so basically it's like heading to just 1 location and coming out as a brand new person.

Check out their website here for monthly promotions and package pricing.
If you've realized, most other beauty boutiques don't list out their prices so openly and some even jack up their prices if they find out you're easygoing and potential con targets. 
Over at The Body Firm, they are honest and transparent - which means no hidden extra costs for what weird ampoule you've never heard of etc etc and they definitely don't hard sell you to sign up for packages. I hate it when I get pushed to signing packages because I'm those kind of sucker who don't know how to refuse persistently.
A HUGE thank you to Selina & The Body Firm for the kind hospitality and making me feel comfortable in my own skin!!

Don't forget to like The Body Firm on the facebook page for giveaways and promotions!

The Body Firm

402 Orchard Road,
Delfi Orchard #04-20,
Singapore 238876
Tel: 6838 0331 or 6838 0332

Operating Hours:

Monday-Friday: from 10 am – 8:30 pm
Saturday: from 9 am – 5 pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed
I know one day I'll be her size. *Determined*

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REVIEW: Yoogane 요가네 @ Westgate!

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All you westies put yo hands up!
If you love korean food, stir fry, kimchi, cheese and chicken - there's a new Yoogane outlet that is worth queuing for and here's why.
Yoogane started in Busan year 1981 and has grown to be one of the most popular galbi brands in South Korea. If you're wondering what galbi means - it's a type of grilled dish made of marinated meat in ganjang based sauce (korean soy sauce). With more than 130 stores in South korea, they finally hit the shores of sunny Singapore last year in Bugis Junction and my oh my the queue was soooooo insane I was also insane enough to join the queue and get a taste of what all these hype was about.
And now with the second outlet in Westgate, I was invited down for a food tasting session with some of their popular dishes accompanied with kpop music which I was enthusiastically humming to while eating.

The crowd here on a weekday shows you how popular Yoogane is with locals of all ages and I was quickly seated down and given aprons to wear in case of splatter (but really it doesn't splatter because of the metal shield around it while frying) so if you're weearing white on that day there's really no need to worry.

Let's start with the side dishes!
There are 4 types of free flow vegetables at the salad bar and you can take them to your heart's content! I have labelled how they taste like and kimchi is of course everyone's top fave and mine too!
It's crunchy and not overly spicy with enough tanginess that makes you wanna go back to the salad bar for more.

Next up we have the Egg Roll with Cheeeeese S$11.90

Just by looking at the picture can make you feel hungry and if you're not a cheese lover, fret not because there's a non cheese version too at S$9.90. I love this dish because the egg pairs perfectly with the cheese wrapped inside which is not overpowering in smell and the ketchup drizzled on top adds in to the flavour of the whole dish.
Following the cheese roll, in came the Seafood Pancake S$16.90

By far the best pancake I've ever tried - if you only have room for one side, I'd say the seafood pancake is the MUST HAVE. It is crispy on the outside and fluffy inside with ingredients in the pancake that adds just the right amount of bite to this whole dish. I especially love how fragrant the spring onion inside was and when dipped into the accompanying soya sauce, it's the true taste of Korea. You now don't have to fly to korea just to eat authentic pancakes!
Next up, Japchae S$11.90

This is bean vermicelli stir-fried with assorted vegetables and tender chicken strips.
An really interesting dish because while it looks salty, it's actually sweet and the vermicelli? Even springier than my mattress at home. The whole dish was moist and flavourful laced with the taste of sesame oil and a lil bit of chilli. (Not enough to make you sweat buckets so don't worry)
After eating all the hotter dishes, it was time for Cold Noodles S$9.90

This is definitely an interesting dish because it's cold, it's savory, it's spicy, it tickled my tastebuds and I was left speechless because I'm sure most of us are used to eating hot noodle dishes and who knew cold noodle could taste that good too? There's a bottle of mustard for you to add into your bowl of cold noodles and I personally don't eat much mustard but this one tastes like wasabi which made the noodle really refreshing.
After all the side dishes, it was time for the main star - Seafood & Chicken Galbi
S$48.90 for 2-3pax, $58.90 for 3-4pax

The minimum order is for 2 pax and this dish features Yoogane's unique spicy sauce marinated chicken meat, baby octopus, squids, prawns and mussels along with assorted vegetables and dukboki 떡볶이. While the marination seems red, it's not that spicy and slightly sweet. All ingredients used are imported from Seoul and they have friendly staffs which are all trained to cook your galbi for you while you sit back, watch and take photos.

And here's a gif on the whole cooking process:
(give it some time to load)

The galbi was really delicious because of the various textures and flavours of the seafood and vegetable you get with each bite. If you're someone who needs carb, you can add on ramyeon or glass noodles which will also be stir fried for you. One plate of the Combination Fixings is S$10.90 inclusive of the 2 mentioned noodles, dukboki, mushrooms and vegetables.
To quench your thirst while eating all the good food, there's 4 different flavoured sodas at S$3.90 each and they all taste yummy with real fruit juice infused! If you don't want to spend any money on drinks, Yoogane provides ice water at no charge.
So after we're done quenching our thirst, let's move on to the last dish - Chicken Galbi Fried Rice

This is perhaps the BEST chicken galbi cheese fried rice everrr because it's two of my fave ingredients in one!!! Every single rice grain is cooked in a way that they are all covered in the sauce before mozzarella cheese is added on top and covered with rice so that the cheese can melt in the middle and be spreaded evenly. When in your mouth, you'll have that heavenly hot savory cheese together with Yoogane's unique marinated chicken and trust me, that will keep you having one bite after another.

Finally done with all the food, it's time for SOJU!

No korean meal is complete without Chumchurum Soju S$15.90 along with good company and good food!

Thank you Yoogane Singapore and The Influencer Network for the invite (: 
Enjoyed myself so much and will definitely be back for more!

Like Yoogane on their facebook page here for more info and special promos!

Yoogane @ Westgate
Westgate Mall #03-08
3 Gateway Drive S(608532)
Tel: +65 63377337

Yoogane @ Bugis
Bugis Junction #02-47/48
200 Victoria Street S(188021)
Tel: +65 63377337

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*Join the Gold Rush with Domino's Golden Chicken*

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Chinese New Year is coming!!!
While I ain't no cai shen ye (fortune god), I do have some GOLD to share with you guys!

Featuring the Gold Rush with Domino's Golden Chicken:
With prizes worth up to $12,888 to be won, you must be wondering now - what's this golden chicken and how does it look like?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, presenting your 4 tickets to $12,888!!!!!
(Continue to scroll down for special promo codes!)

With 4 different flavours there's definitely something that will suit your taste bud and I confess, this is the first time I see chicken as the pizza base.


Who would have thought of that?!??! Pure genius because I love chicken to death and this chicken base is baked instead of fried which makes it healthier and guilt free. It's all about making the right choices everyone!
My personal fave are the spicy options:

Both the Golden Mexican Chicken (top) and the Golden Italiano Chicken while being labeled spicy, weren't actually that hot just with a tinge of spice so don't worry about it being too spicy or if you really can't take any sort of spice, there are 2 non spicy options:

Golden Outback Chicken (top) and Golden Mediterranean Chicken
The chicken base are popcorn sized and not one large cutlet so it's easy to share without the need to cut. All the 4 flavours has it's unique taste with their different combinations, so it's definitely a tantalizing treat for your taste buds.

Happening from now till 8 March, here's how you can win the attractive prizes and a chance to be treated like a superstar for a day.
Kiasu me has already filled 2 of the contest form so it's time you start ordering those golden chickies!
(Get them for only $5 with special promo code below!)
Not sure on how to start drawing?
Here's a group photo of what all the other bloggers (and I if you can spot me) did:
It can be in any style which you like - there's no right or wrong in art and even if you think you don't have any artistic talent, there's no harm in trying! Who knows you might just very well be the grand prize winner!


I have some coupon codes for you to save more $$$ (:< Not being aunty here but got discount who don't want!!!?

BLG215A – Free Golden Chicken with Regular pizza purchase 
BLG215B – Free Golden Chicken with Large pizza purchase 
BLG215C - Free Golden Chicken with Xtra Large pizza purchase 
BLG215D - $5.00 for Golden Chicken

Just quote any of the codes corresponding to your purchase in stores only!

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Nespresso's Dazzling Coffee Recipes!

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Are you a coffee lover?
I'm pretty sure most of you have tried artisan coffee before and they usually come with a 'pretty' price. Quite a pocket burner if you have them regularly but coffee is like a staple drink for most of us.
Through a unique partnership with Asia's Michelin-starred 'Demon Chef' Alvin Leung, now you can have them at the comfort of your home with these new chinese new year inspired recipes all with easily obtainable ingredients and a Nespresso machine.

Today I'm gonna share with you guys 3 coffee recipes which will definitely tickle your tastebuds and not disappoint your guests! They'd probably be asking you 'Have you secretly been taking barista courses?' ;)

 The CNY Candy Box is a combination of coconut ice cream, raspberry puree, whipped cream topped with pumpkin seeds which is a surprising and sumptuous update to the Italian classic of affogato - coffee poured over ice cream. The subtle acidity and red fruit notes of Nespresso's delectable Rosabaya de Colombia Grand Cru is the perfect foil to this candy box combination.

This is one of my fave among the three! The almond flavoured milk tea is a totally fresh take on Hong Kong classic of coffee mixed with milk tea except the coffee is in a jelly state in this recipe. The cocoa notes of rich and full bodied Decaf Arpeggio Grand Cru mingle with thick sweet caramel, whipped cream, english tea and almond flakes for a heavenly east-meets-west modern classic. Who needs pearl when you have coffee jelly right?

This last recipe I'm sharing is my TOP FAVE. 
Sweet yet salty along with the aromatic bitterness of the coffee, it's one drink you'd not want to miss to treat and tantalise those taste buds for you and your guests. All the ingredients are easily obtainable in supermarkets so there's no reason for you to be lazy!

This weekend 14-15 Feb, visit any of the Nespresso Boutiques at ION Orchard or Takashimaya to taste the Facebook fan favourite CNY inspired coffee recipe!

You can also get one of the specially designed Nespresso 6 sleeve assortment pack with purchase of any Inissia and Aeroccino Milk Frother machine at SGD368.
Indulge and share your ultimate coffee and milk recipes with your loved ones this Chinese New Year with Nespresso's tradition of giving by offering a SGD88 discount on selected coffee machines.
A perfect way to spread fortune and joy this festive season!

For more details, visit Nespresso's facebook page or their website here.

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