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Well this has been on my chest for awhile now and I feel that I should rant it out because it's been bothering me about how some bloggers aren't exactly bloggers, hence I shall label them as 'Fake' bloggers.

1. Their posts are typed half heartedly
Basically, you can tell when the whole review only has less than 5 photos and all the content sounds very commercialized (copied paste wholesale from a press release). Like seriously? I went to her/his blog to read a proper review not something everyone has already typed and there's not even a photo of yourself testing out the actual product/giving your readers a result?! Wait, that's not all. There are even some floggers who just bombs a load of photos with a one liner after each one, or typing nothing at all. LOL. I know a picture speaks a thousand or million words but that's not how blogging works. How am I supposed to be convinced as a reader and why should I still sponsor her/him with products as a client?

2. Late post submissions along with bs excuses
'Oh I can't blog because my dog ate my computer.'
Most of the time when bloggers are invited for an event it's really a basic courtesy to blog before the given deadline but some bloggers just don't give a sh!t or not post at all. I see her/him posting photos and updates of their selfies and she/he is telling the agent or client they have no time to blog? Bull. This only shows how tardy they are with their work and the lack of passion.

3. They reply sponsorship emails like the company owes him/her
I have personally encountered this before as an online shop owner and while most bloggers reply with their rates or at least show some interest, there was this 1 blogger that went
'Hi there sure but I can't decide.' without signing off.
I'm sorry but this comes off as R-U-D-E and I ain't got time for her. As a XXXX's blogger, not only was she tarnishing the company's reputation but also throwing all the other blogger's face under that company. If she can't decide, don't worry, I've already made my decision for her. So, moving on.

4. Sibeh gek (fake) & bootlicker
OH this one happens all the time. Just like mean girls flogger edition, there are tons of girls and even guys who talk shit about other bloggers but yet when they meet at events they act like BFFs. As if this wasn't bad enough, we have the bootlickers who try too hard to por the more known bloggers so that they can share their limelight. I personally think it is okay to do it subtly but when some bloggers overdo it, OMG it is so disturbing to just watch all of these happen during an event it makes me nauseous. Yea, but this is how life works isn't it? I'm not just making accusations here because this fact is also proven by the whole xx & gc & ykk saga.

5. They are too full of themselves
Beyonce is the queen and she has all rights to be proud of herself but most of us, we are not even near her level of influential and there are lots of floggers or finfluencers who act like every other ordinary human beings like us owe him/her a living. Sure they act all nice during events (see point 4) but just the other day someone was sharing with me how a radio personality R rolled her eyes at his sister during an event when she wanted to shake hands with her and walked away. WOAH what a diva!

I'm not saying that all bloggers and influencers are like that but there are just a handful of them that really needs to re-evaluate why they are doing what they are doing and show more passion in what they do because facades don't last.

These are just the top 5 points off my list and if you have had any other unfortunate encounters with other floggers or finfluencers, feel free to leave a comment!

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REVIEW: Power Boxing(PBox) at Croyez Studio!

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It's a brand new year and I'm sure getting fit/healthier/skinny/lean is on almost everyone's long list of resolutions and I'm not gonna deny it's on mine too and just last week I finally kickstarted this resolution of mine at Croyez Studio thanks to The Influencer Network!
Croyez(pronounced 'krawh yay') Studio is the first and only authorized POWER PLATE and NARL studio in Asia offering group workouts as well as personalized training.
Croyez also means believe so you've got to try power plate yourself to believe it's effectiveness!
Located at Dempsey Hill (Just above HOUSE on the third floor), it's a place which most of us know of or have at least been there once for the cafes/flea market.
The whole studio is really cosy with the warm lighting and when you look out of the windows all you see are luscious green leaves from all the surrounding trees which is good for your eyes.
SEE WHAT I MEAN! (*tries to shift focus from the fact I'm holding puny dumbbells*)
While waiting for classes to start you're free to roam around with no stress so me and G were going around trying different equipments on the racks, reading magazines at the longue & etc.
Besides PowerBox, they also offer different workouts to target different areas of your body.
Prior to workout, you can advance book a session of NARL (at an additional cost) which is a machine to break down your fats on any areas you wish so that they are burned off more easily during the workout.  NARL is a unique, safe and patented combination of ultrasound frequency and intensity enables a local release of noradrenaline, through a specific stimulation of the sympathetic nerve terminals.
Gel which is similar to the one used during ultrasound scanning will be placed on the targeted area before the pads go on and the area will be strapped with the black belt you see on the bed. Each session lasts for 15mins and as there's only 1 machine available, you're advised to book in advance!

Once you're all ready, it's time to get serious. 
First off, Power Plate is a premium vibration device which uses the principles of Acceleration Training to stimulate the body's natural response to vibration. These vibrations transmit waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second, enhancing overall performance in sessions as short as 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week. 10 minutes on the Power-Plate will have the same results as 60 minutes of conventional strenuous training.

What's different about the Power Plate from the shaking platforms you see selling outside is - you don't quite shake like a retard while on the Power Plate. It's more like standing on a gigantic phone which is vibrating your whole body. LOL what a description, I know.

Some of the benefits include:
  • Immediate improvements in blood circulation
  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • Increased joint range of motions
  • Decreased cellulite
  • Increased bone mineral density
  • Reduced pain and soreness
  • Faster recovery and regeneration from injury and training
  • Enhanced metabolism and lymphatic flow and reductions in cortisol (which is a stress hormone)
  • Little impact on the joints and ligaments
  • Capacity for whole body massage and relaxation
  • Increases the production of collagen to encourage firmer, smoother skin
  • Helps prevent age-related muscle loss, bone density loss and skin wrinkles
  • People with medical conditions can exercise while working within their personal physical limitations
  • Helps prevent injuries through enhanced propriceptive awareness and control

During Power Boxing
You'll be guided through on how to set the intensity of the vibration and the timing which is required for the whole workout (40mins).

Workout will begin with warming up and each of us were required to hold a 1kg dumbbell. 1kg may seem like child's play but if you're beginner, punching in muay thai, MMA, taebo and body combat style while holding it for 40mins is no joke and one heck sweat of a workout. LOL I almost died!

The music used for the workout was not those cheesy music you hear in workout videos but songs from cascada, pink & etc that has such a fast BPM it gets you going on and on and on and punching the life out of your invisible enemy.

My enemy?

I was just punching in the air thinking 'Die fats you die no chance for you in me get out!@#!@#!$!%@!!!'
The workout was over before I even had time to realize because I was enjoying the music and well, punching and kicking around on the Power Plate. The cool down was the BEST part because after all the hard work it was finally time to rest and while doing so, the endorphins in you makes you feel SO ACCOMPLISHED & MOTIVATED.
As you can see from my face, LOL.
While sitting down with the power plate on, you can actually pull the standing pad down to your shoulders acting like a massager.
Even for your legs!
Shower rooms are available should you wish to wash up after working out but remember to bring your own toiletries!

Post Power Boxing
One word to describe how I felt - SORE.
My arms ached like crazy but I'm someone who likes this kinda soreness because it tells me that my body and muscles indeed worked hard and it encourages to push yourself even more because let's face it, most of us would be worrying if your arms weren't sore.
The 2 trainers on my right are super motivated and they kept on pushing the class when most of us were about to give up. Don't be deceived by their petite size they actually pack alot of punch!
And the 2 ladies beside G are the owners of Croyez Studio and if you're thinking that they look alike, they are sisters! I always think it's nice to run a family business.
Ready to kick and punch up some action?
Head down to Croyez Studio and get a trial class for only $24 (UP $48)!

Croyez Studio @ Dempsey
Block 8D
Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672

Tel: 6474 4133

Opening hours:
Mon to Thurs: 8am - 9pm
Fri: 8am - 7pm
Sat & Sun: 10am - 2pm
Closed on Public Holidays

 Thank you Croyez Studio & TIN for the invite!
Certainly had fun working and sweating it out with all the other bloggers.

Here's to a healthier 2015 everyone!~

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REVIEW: Mu Mieux Collagen Mu Nutrition+ By Mary Chia

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It's 2015!!!
Can you guys believe it's a new start already and I'M SO AMPED.
Already lots of thing to look forward to but also another thing to be wary of - my complexion.
As we get older our collagen and elastin production starts slowing down and I do know of some people who start even below 20. LOL kiasu-ism can actually be a good thing sometimes because prevention is always better than cure!

I was kindly sponsored with a pack of Mu Mieux Collagen Mu Nutrition+ By Mary Chia and I'm beyond glad because collagen does work and it has done lots of good to my skin in the past.
What's different about the Mu Mieux Collagen?
It is designed to address common concerns such as:

* Pre-mature ageing due to loss of collagen and key vitamins for skin and organs
* Improve body’s detoxification abilities
* Enhance gastro-intestinal health by introducing beneficent bacteria (Probiotics)
* Improve overall metabolism and blood circulation
* Block/displace excess fat, sugars and carbohydrates consumed through daily diet
* Enhance overall organ functions
* Increase energy levels and vitality
* Improve immunity 
I was actually quite impressed because not only does it improves one's complexion, it also helps in detoxing, improving our metabolism and block excess fat (omg means I can slim down also?)!?!
If you're wondering what ingredients are in this collagen to be able  to give us so much benefits:

Made in Japan, so expect top notch ingredients!
I'm not sure about you guys but when I first started out drinking collagen one of the most common question is what time of the day do you take the collagen?
I've seen people say they drink it in the morning while most of us tend to drink it before bedtime.

For the Mu Mieux collagen, it is recommended to take it before bedtime but please do make sure it's at least 4-5 hours after food for optimal absorption (I read this from some forum)
The Mu Mieux collagen is best taken when chilled and remember to shake well before drinking!
And since each bottle is only 50ml, you're supposed to drink it all up in one shot.
It taste really fruity and there wasn't any funky taste nor was it too thick so it was easy to down.

You'll start noticing visible results in 2-3 weeks if you lead a healthy lifestyle like sleeping early, drinking enough water daily and exposure to harmful rays and results will vary because each of us is created differently. 

Get ONE (1) box of MU MIEUX Collagen Beauty Drink @ only S$88 (UPS$108) plus a complimentary collagen facial worth S$145 for the first 100 readers!
Simply quote 'Sample Store Exclusive Triissy' when calling Mary Chia (1800-260-2001) to enjoy this promo!
Promotion is valid from 1st Feb - 31st Mar so there's still time~

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REVIEW: Catch 'N Bite Singapore

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You guys know how there are just days when you just crave for seafood??
Crabs, lobsters, fish, clam & etc etc just anything with that salty sea taste in your mouth...
This is when Catch 'N Bite pops into my mind!
I remember walking past the stall in Westgate after dinner and regretted not having the sandwiches from Catch 'N Bite because their sandwiches look DELICIOUSSS. And the best part?
They're a takeaway stall but there are seats in front of the stall should you want to have a place to enjoy your sandwich. If sandwich alone isn't filling enough for you, they also offer tarts & bites! Or you can opt for a bento set instead! I found the tarts really interesting because I've never had a savory tart before and I was spoilt for choices.
The tarts are bite sized and great for parties/picnics because they don't only look pretty, they taste really good and fresh as well so your guests will definitely be pleased.
Tarts aside, the main superstars of Catch 'N Bite are the:
 Ultimate Lobster Sandwich S$12.90
This is a slightly spicy ciabtta sandwich packed with Maine Lobster, egg & corn.
I really love this particular sandwich because the lobster meat was sweet and they only use REAL FRESH LOBSTER HOR! Not mocked ones.
Crunchin' Crab S$8.90
This sandwich features a whole soft shell crab on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and spicy mayo.
Another one of my favourite as well because the crab looks so perfect and whole I know it's fresh and not just random chopped up pieces of the crab. It is crunchy and not too dry, the spicy mayo compliments the crab really well and someone please deliver this sandwich to me already T_T
It's reallllyyyyyy good guys, you need to try it!
If you're looking for something light, they also just sell the soft shell crab alone with the spicy mayo along with fish bites, calamari rings & moreeee.
They are all fried to perfection while still maintaining the natural freshness of the various seafood and they come with matching dipping sauces. 
Can we just sidetrack abit and look at how nicely their packaging is done? LOL as a designer, I APPROVE.
Solids aside, another one of their specialty is the Clam Soup S$4.90.
Made from 100% real lobster stock with no msg added so you can expect this soup to be heavenly~~
For $4.90 it's really worth it because every spoon you take you'll definitely have a clam. If you compare it to other places offering clam soups/chowder you'll find that their prices are much pricier sometimes for a portion that's even smaller than what Catch 'N Bite offers. #FACT
Quote 'Geraldcatchnbite' and receive a free Mango Chutney Shrimp Tart with any sandwich purchase! Hurry down to Catch 'N Bite now!

Westgate 3 Gateway Drive
#B2-­‐K16 Singapore 608532
Operating Hours:
Daily 10am-­‐10pm

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EVENT: Domino's Christmas Gift to YOU!

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I'm counting down to christmas and we only have 12 more days left!
Aside from the usual turkey, ham and sausages (which are costly and not exactly very filling), have you guys ever considered of a PIZZA PARTY? 
A whole long table of cheesy goodness accompanied with yummy chicken bites, drumlets, onion rings, meatballs and chocolate lava cakes for dessert?! Mai tu liao because from now till 11th Jan 2015, Domino's Pizza is thanking all you loyal pizza fans with a WHOPPING 50% OFF ALL PIZZAS.
(I wish I had an even bigger font size but I think you guys got my point)
If you're thinking - eh why so good? What's the catch?
There's no catch.
Domino's Pizza understands that during the year end season it is the time for families and friends to get together for gatherings and be jolly so all you have to do is to be diligent and head down to any of the Domino's outlet to make your purchase (I took a screenshot of the outlets for you guys).

To save time and not hog the counter deciding which of the 28 pizza flavors you wanna get, here's the menu and you're welcome! :D
(Click to enlarge)
*Surcharge applies for Cheese Burst, Cheesy Crust, Classics, First Class Pizza and Cheese sauce upgrade.

Wait, that's not all, Domino's Pizza also has a wide variety of scrumptious sides, delectable desserts and refreshing beverages that come in pairs - talk about double happiness!
Buy 2 sides and save or add-on to your pizza order and save up to 40% off as compared to ordering ala carte.
Don't worry about the waiting time because Domino's promises that customers will receive their take away orders within 15 minutes or you'll get a free personal pizza voucher to be redeemed in your next order!
Alternatively, you can also order online, through their app or via phone call and get it delivered within 30 minutes, FREE OF CHARGE 免费 PERCUMA.

So on Monday me & G were invited by The Influencer Network and Dominos Singapore to celebrate an early christmas together with the other bloggers and boy was it a great one because it was like we owned the whole kovan outlet.

Just look at how festive this place was decorated just for us! A++++++ for effort.
Prior to arrival, either I was really overdressed for public transport or singaporeans are just way too judgmental but anyway when we arrived I thought we were just gonna eat drink and chit chat but I was wrong.
The bloggers were split into 2 groups and we were supposed to dress up one of our members as a xmas tree. LOL. Poor G volunteered to be tribute (also because he's the tallest in our group) so we started wrapping him in crepe paper and decorating in every way possible making full use of his body. Are you guys ready for the final product?


LOL we couldn't stop laughing at how chio our tree was and not just any other tree but a mermaid tree. And then it was a fashion showdown!

No prizes for guessing who the winning team was! :p
After the first game I was honestly very very famished because I only had a bite of curry bread the whole day so my eyes literally lit up when the food was served.

Halfway through eating the second game started!
This time a cheering competition and because G could beatbox we were able to spice up our cheer.

 And thankfully although our team mostly forgot our cheer lyrics we still managed to win something home because #teamwork. Malu also malu together!

Thankyou The Influencer Network and Dominos Singapore for inviting us over to the awesomest pizza party I could ever imagine and to all the bloggers, it was nice meeting all of you! :D
Thankyou for such a great 2014 and also for picking me as best dressed for the night!
So many things to be thankful for this christmas!!
All photo credits to The Influencer Network & myself :p

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