Pastel Unicorn by 99Percent Hair Studio

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I've always love having pastel hair although it's pretty high maintenance, but just waking up and looking at my hair is enough to make my day better.
My previous darkish purple has faded to a pretty lilac on the outside with the inside still pretty dark so I decided OK it's time to have pink hair again because I had to bleach my roots anyway.
Such a pretty purple shouldn't go to waste so we have decided to keep the purple below and do pink on the top part!
And off to bleaching! I've got alot of people asking me how is it that I've bleached my hair so many times and yet still keep it soft and managable - aside from using good sulfate free shampoo and hair mask, having additional protection during the chemical process is just as important as well.
No.1 is used together with all chemical services, be it bleaching, perming, hair coloring this can be added together to prevent hair breakage (very norm after bleaching), strengthens your hair follicles and link broken disulfide hair bonds.
We all know that hair bleaching is the most damaging as the bleach opens your hair follicles so that the hair color can be lightened and this process is damaging as hell.
OLAPLEX is a bond multiplier which rebuilds and multiply those broken bonds, lessening the damage your hair takes in while leaving it stronger and healthier than it would be without OLAPLEX. Using OLAPLEX will be a safer option if you're opting to go platinum blonde to go grey or pastel.
The right side is what happens to our hair when we do chemical treatments without any protection while with OLAPLEX it's like buying insurance for your hair should you want to do a crazy color.
In case you're wondering, No.2 is used after rinsing off the chemicals acting like a mask so seal the bond of your hair. Just a short 5-10minutes for it to work it's magic! OLAPLEX is currently exclusive to 99Percent Hair Studio for an additional S$109 only.
TBH as a frequent 'bleacher' (I can't think of any other terms LOL) I can feel the difference when OLAPLEX was used vs when it was just hardcore bleach straight on my hair. My hair would usually be mega frizzy and before you know it tons of split ends start appearing and I'll have no choice but to cut it shorter.

Alrighttt I'm really excited to show you guys how it looks like after sitting my butt down for 5 hours!!!!!!!

I know it looks so tumblr to be true but this is 100% legit my hair, my cardigan, my floral headband so quote my name 'TRIISSY' to get 10% off your bill!

Opening hours: 11.00am - 8.30pm

42 east coast road 
#01-03 MODA 
Singapore 428762  
Tel: 67027062

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Hot Stone Massage @ Imperial Spa

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Awhile back, I went back to Imperial Spa for my monthly pampering session and this time both me and G had decided to try something new - Hot Stone Massage!
For those who's wondering what hot stone is, yes it's basically stones that are warmed up and placed on different parts of your body.
Hot stone massage melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increasing blood circulation as the heat from the stones open up your blood vessels.
We all know that a direct heat source when placed on your body can relax your muscles - allowing the masseur to access deeper muscle layers which is a very healing experience especially if you're the sedentary type of worker.
The hot stone massage can be requested at no extra charge here at Imperial Spa and will be done within the time limit that you have selected. Initially I was still afraid that the stones will be too hot but they were in fact really soothing especially around my shoulder area since I'm always using too much computer.

Going to spas have recently been a monthly affair for me because after each session I'd always feel so rejuvenated and stress free. It also eases up all the built up tension on my shoulders and allows me to focus better at work. Massaging is also a good way to detox so do drink lots of water after every session!

Make your booking now and don't forget to like their facebook page here and check out frequently for promotions to release all the built up muscle tension and soreness from our everyday hectic lifestyle. #Singaporeans


184 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 229854
Opening hrs : 11am-4am
Kindly temporarily call this number for bookings
Tel: +65 6635 7979

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Weekend list at 313@Somerset

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I'm sure most of you have passed by 313@somerset numerous times as it is the mall right at somerset mrt station and while there are alot of other malls nearby, 313@somerset doesn't fall short of shopping choices so here are my favourite hangout spots at 313@somerset during the weekends!
Once you're out at ground level, the most eye catching shop to the girls has got to be Forever 21 (F21). No doubt that's always the first shop I'd hit whenever I'm at 313; out of all the F21 outlets I find the one at 313 most organized and there are 4 full levels of clothing!!
Personally, I like shopping at places that offer a variety of sizes because this way the clothes will fit me better and I can't always fit into free sized clothing. If you're a student, shopping at F21 is awesome as they always have discount catered for you. (Makes me feel like being a student all over again to enjoy numerous perks :p)
Heading out of F21 on the 4th floor, you'll see Action City (04-04A) which is probably a shop you have been to when you were younger and it's a shop I visit time to time as they have really interesting/quirky gifts and toys that are not found anywhere else.
There's certainly no age limit when it comes to toy shops as we are always young at heart right? Another incentive to visit Action City is the Iron Man model which 'welcomes' you into the shop and who isn't a fan?!
After much shopping and walking around, it's time to rest your feet and refuel at Cocoa Colony (B1-37) - a new kid on the block serving avant garde cocoa beverages and cake. The whole shop's concept was really colombia - indiana inspired and they even have a mini wooden train where you can take photos in! I ordered the Ice Blended Cocoa (S$7.50) while Gerald ordered Hazelnut Cocoa (S$7) and we both shared a slice of their Cocoa Brothers' Signature Cake (S$8.50) which is stacked chocolate peanut butter cake.
The cake was soft and moist and the creamy peanut butter pairs really well with the aromatic cocoa. You're bound to finish it before you even realize it's gone! Because that happened to us.
The Blended Cocoa was a little bland in comparison to the hazelnut cocoa so if you like something with a heavier taste I'd say go for the non ice blended drinks to avoid any disappointments!
There are lots of activities at 313@somerset during weekends and we spotted this cute lil guy on the first floor promoting Saboten's 5th anniversary! In case you haven't heard of Saboten, they serve pretty good tonkatsu and is located at B2-02 so hop over if you're looking for a brunch/dinner spot!
313@somerset offers 8 retail levels with over 150 outlets of food, fashion and lifestyle so there’s definitely something for everyone regardless of your age or gender! Happy Shopping!

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Jack's Cola Cafe #TGY2015

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I haven't broke the news to you guys yet but I've joined the Teenage Gorgeous You 2015!
Last Saturday I rubbed shoulders with the other contestants at the all new Jack's Cola Café located at Paya Lebar Square and I must say it was a morning full of yummy food and laughter.
Jack's Cola Café is a new concept by Jack's Place and I'm sure most of us is familiar with that name since they have been around since I was still in primary school and I'd remember heading down to the restaurant to celebrate special occasions.
Stepping into the café, it has a more casual and laid back feel with a vintage theme. With all the neon lights, bar tables, stools and industrial style lighting, they definitely set the mood for a nice catchup over coffee, ice cream, cakes and pastries from home-grown brands like Smitten Coffee and Udders. One part of the interior I particularly like are the Singlish stools with phrases that are uniquely Singaporean!
Besides being just a café, there's also a retail section where you can pick up craft beers, spices, pastas, coffee beans and pre marinated beef to cook at home. There are also pre packed microwavable food so anytime when you're hungry but lazy to go out, there's quality food at home.

We first started with the Beef Stew in Mini Casseroles (S$18) which is a Jack's Place traditional dish served with seasonal vegetables. The beef is soft like how you'd imagine stewed beef to be while boasting rich robust flavor which is perfect with the mashed potatoes. Be careful not to lift these on your own though, those mini casseroles don't look their weight.
The Cob Salad Shaker (S$8) - this is perfect for afternoons when you're looking for a light meal and yet have sufficient protein fiber intake as this cup of salad contains boiled chicken, hard boiled egg, avocados, lettuce, tomato and corn which comes with a zesty dressing and minimal calories. Don't judge by it's size because it's surprisingly filling.
Following the salad we had the Meat Loaf with Tartar Sauce (S$5) which is basically your luncheon meat fries perfectly fried; crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. I like how the luncheon meat is not over salty as I've had some really salty ones which tasted really bad.
Moving on to le top favourite of the contestants - New Jack's Cheese Fondue Sampler Platter (S$16). I guess you can say most of us are cheese lovers and this platter containing tempura kani, oriental fried chicken wings, battered mushroom and crispy onion rings alongside the nacho cheese was the first to be finished on the table! Good to share with 3 people, be sure to snag one of the battered mushroom because it's stuffed and I'll leave it to you guys to find out what's insidw for yourself.
Next up - Bangers & Mash (S$10) - my all time favourite because what's not to love about sausages and mashed potato? There are 3 different varieties of sausages, the black pepper one being my favourite because it's much more savoury. The peppery sauce drizzled on top of the mashed potato complemented the whole dish - taste wasn't too strong and just right to taste the mash as well.
Prawn & Chicken Pesto (S$10) will be the dish to order if you're looking for some solid carbs. I particularly like the special blend of pesto although it was slightly on the saltier side, the prawn's freshness made up for that and not forgetting the al dante spaghetti. For just $10 I'd say it's worth it as the portion was really generous as well.

(wait fr the gif to load!)
And the last dish which is also the best one of the day - Char-grilled Flambe Fire Tenderloin Steak (S$31.50). It is definitely a treat like no other, I mean how often do you get to see a sizzling tenderloin steak on fire?! The beef used is no ordinary beef but New Zealand's grass fed beef. What's so special about this beef? It is not injected with hormones/antibiotics, has 4x more vitamin E, 30% less cholesterol, 80% less total fats just to name a few. After the flame dies down it's time to dig in to the perfectly grilled medium rare beef which was so juicy and tender you'd thought you were paying more than $50 for it. (Disclaimer: I don't eat steaks and I actually enjoyed this one) There's also a baked USA russet potato as the side garnished with BACON and spring onions. Did I mention there's bacon?!
To end things off on a sweet note, we had ice cream from Udders in the café itself and they actually have a pretty good selection of the better selling flavours and if you love the Horlicks balls or Snickers Mars Honeycomb I think we're already good friends!

So food aside, as mentioned at the beginning of the post, all of the Teenage Gorgeous You(TGY)contestants met up for the first time and I was happy to see some familiar faces as well as making new friends with the others whom I haven't met. As there were only 9 of us, it was a really cozy affair at the café and I was surprised all of us could click really well and before we even realized, all of us were talking and laughing like we were already close friends! Keep a lookout on my social media platforms as I will be updating my progress for TGY2015!

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Soteria Face & Nails

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HOLA! While I know most of you think that my face is flawless, it is in fact NOT at all because I have a lot of clogged pores and my breakouts are usually around my forehead area (must be all the stress) so I avoid taking photos when I have a bad face day.
On one of those days when I had breakouts, I was invited down to Soteria Face & Nail and in mind I was thinking woah the timing couldn't be more apt so I happily booked an appointment for a Skin Rejuvenation treatment which is for lightening of pigmentation, minimizing enlarged pores and improve collagen production.
Located just behind Heartland Mall and a few minutes walk away from Kovan MRT, Soteria is a great place to pamper yourself for those who's staying around the purple line and on the left you can see a photo of the really pretty lady boss! Interior is very victorian, and the lighting makes it cosy which is a plus point I always look out for while doing my facial, nails or waxing.
Over here at Soteria, they carry BABOR facial products which is made in Germany using raw materials sourced from organic farming methods and renewable resources. They are also against animal testing since they were founded in 1956! It seems like organic products are getting more popular and more people are willing to spend on these products (household products included).
After all the introduction, I was led to the treatment room and the facial begins! Face must be cleansed prior to the treatment so I'd suggest you come without makeup like I did so your face can make the best out of the 30mins treatment. As I had lash extensions on, my beautician was careful and gentle so my lashes don't fall off. A cooling gel is then applied all over my face and I was ready for the beast!
eStyle is the machine used for the Skin Rejuvenation treatment and fancy names aside, it is basically an IPL machine with improved technology and much gentler than other laser treatments which really peels your skin like crazyyyy. After one round around my face, a moisturizing rose petal mask was applied and I love how it smells like bandung and is pink. HAH, I can never say no to pink!
I look incredibly ridiculous above but for the sake of beauty I show you guys my unglam side ok! While waiting for the mask to harden, I was being pampered with a shoulder/arm/head massage which felt really good and much needed after a long day of work and furious clicking/typing. Not forgetting the scent from the mask which made me feel relaxed.

Ok it's blurry cos I took it under lowlight condition BUT I promise it's not photoshopped (if it was I'd just photoshop away my dark circles also pls). You can see the bump/pimple above my brow GONE. Like magic in just one session. But of course you'll have to care of your skin back at home to maintain the results and if you have dark pigmentation, it is recommended to go for at least 6-8 sessions. This treatment is priced at S$88 and there will be a special package price should you want to take up more sessions.

Impressed with my results? Check their website here for more info!
Tel: 6284 0887 / 6284 887

Block 203, Hougang Street 21,
#01-47, Singapore 530203

Operating Hours:  
Weekdays: 10:30am to 9:00pm
Weekends: 10:30am to 7:30pm
Public Holidays: 10:00am to 7:00pm

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