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Located at *SCAPE where there's usually lots of activities around the area (since we're talking about somerset), Fish Tales serves a wide selection of food from fish, chicken, risotto to pastas and much more using NO PORK and NO LARD. Fish Tales uses only the freshest premium white fish fillet & specially imported USA fries, with their signature fish & chips boasting a light, crispy batter & tender meat.
And the best part?
Everything is priced at S$15 and below with no GST & service charge. We all know finding an affordable place which serves quality food in town is difficult and so thank god for Fish Tales!
Upon reaching the counter and selecting your mains, you can opt for any one of these 3 combos to go along:

While waiting for your food to be served, treat yourself to a cup of healthy and refreshing fruit infused water and there's really no limit to the amount you can take just remember to leave space in your stomach for the appetizers/mains. If fruit infused water ain't your thang, you can also order italian sodas in peach/tropical/black current/green apple (S$3.50)!

If you're only able to down one appetizer for some reason, I'd say take the Mozzarella Cheese Sticks and you'll not regret for it's the best choice if you're a cheese lover (and you're losing out if you dislike cheese).  These mozzarella sticks are golden, dense and crispy. They are about double the width of my finger and as a cynical singaporean I was thinking "aiyah confirm the batter thick thick cheese little little" which then I proceeded with my first bite and BAM, I realized I was wrong. The taste of mozzarella is not overpowering and I feel I could eat stick after stick non-stop.
Time for mains! This particular one is called Fiery Sambal (S$10.90) which is chicken chop topped with hand made sambal chilli. This isn't like any chicken chop I've had because the sambal was really spicy and authentic and apparently a secret recipe of theirs - it felt kind of nyonya which is heavy in flavor. Chicken was just right for me, though fried the insides were still moist. I love how the fries are thick cut as they provide more bite and these specially imported fries did not disappoint.
Next up, I had a Cheesy Affair (S$10.90) which is premium deep fried white fish drizzled with nacho cheese sauce and is one of the chef's recommendation. The fish was a little on the dry side - probably because of it's size but the nachos sauce made up for it - if only it came with even MORE nacho sauce!
Following all the fried stuffs came the grilled fishes and this is their Grilled Seabass (S$11.90).
Not sure why but I like fish dishes to come in this kinda shape and this particular seabass is one of them. Grilled with rosemary herbs and topped with garlic lemon butter sauce which provided just the right amount of tart to neutralize the fishy taste and if it's still not enough for you, additional lemon is provided at the side. Fish wise, meat was tender, moist and easily glides down into your tummy.
Lastly - it was time for Mr.Grilled Salmon (S$12.90) to steal the show! If you're on a diet or any fitness regime, this is the best dish for you that comes with garden salad (though you probably can make do without the sauce if you're on the verge of exceeding your calorie limit) and a generous portion of salmon. It was meaty, chewy and slightly sweet with the right moisture level retained in the fish so it definitely wasn't overdone.

By just flashing your student card when ordering, you'll get to enjoy a bowl of chowder of the day, a side of mashed potato puffs & a choice of main (Original Fish N Chips or Cheese Karage Pasta) for just S$6.90. Valid only from Monday - Friday 12pm - 5pm!

Fish Tales
*SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link #02-27/#02-18B Singapore 237978
Tel No.: +65 6636 9960
Monday to Sunday 12pm – 10pm

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REVIEW: Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

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Removing your make up is important for all babes who love putting them on because if it's not thoroughly removed, residue on your skin will caused clogged pores and breakout!
Bioré has just recently launched their new and upgraded version of their Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover (S$24.90/230ml) which is even smoother and lighter in consistency while retaining the same high cleansing ability.
FIRSTLY, the bottle is in PINK which is pretty and all princessy and the improved benefits are definitely not lacking:
• Smoother jelly-like texture is gentle on skin and rinses of easily and quickly without any harsh tugging or pulling action on skin. 
• High cleansing ability dissolves and lifts of all traces of makeup effortlessly. 
• Made with 40% more moisturizing essence nourishes and hydrates skin for a dewy moisturized finish. 
• Lightweight formula leaves skin feeling refreshed, with no sticky or greasy after-feel. 
As stated under CAUTION, it is VERY crucial that you remove your contact lens (and please clean your lenses even if the solution says no rub) before using the makeup remover because things will get pretty nasty if the product gets into your eye. In any event the product does get into your eye (happened to me a couple of times when I was tired as hell), RINSE WITH WATER. Get the product out of your eye ASAP. This applies to all kind of makeup remover or any kind of chemicals actually.
Upon pumping the product out, I noticed that it was really watery and not forgetting that it smells really good (sweet floral scent). The new improved formula allows you to pump and massage directly on your face to remove the makeup then washing off with water and that's it! While it's stated that it's not necessary to use cotton pads/tissue paper, I'm not really digging the idea of rubbing off make up on my face with the makeup still on my face as I'm trying to remove it (are you guys getting my point? LOL) so I went on and pumped it on a cotton pad.
One problem I have with lipsticks and water based make up remover is they take forever to come off. I was pleasantly surprised when the Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover took off my lipstick in  I'm totally sold! I know there's some residue on my lips but that's only because I have dry lips and they are stained.
Get your own bottle of the Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover (S$24.90/230ml) from all leading supermarkets, pharmacies, personal care stores and department stores! It's a pretty big bottle so it should last you for awhile and definitely a few months for me as I put on full face makeup probably only twice a month. LOL

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50 Shades of Purple - 99 Percent Hair Studio

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I've decided to be purple/pink for as long as I can because that's the only color that I like and look better in and since my previous purple faded and the green color from the previous mermaid hair was peeping out it was time for touch up!
From this photo you can see traces of brown, green, silver, purple and it was basically just a mess so color correction was performed by applying bleach over my hair (left my roots alone this time round so it could get some rest and this is probably the LAST time I'm gonna bleach my hair because it's so spongey now).
I didn't know what color I was to expect post bleaching but when the bleach was washed off, I WAS IN SO MUCH LOVE because I had pastel pink/purple roots. LOL yes just the roots. And to prove how delighted I was with that color I took 109801943 photos of it but here's 2.

SO PRETTY RIGHT? But having pastel hair is so hard to maintain because it fades off almost every other time when you wash your hair sooooo I'll probably go back to it another time!
On goes the new purple color that I'll be doing this time and there will be 3 tones, dark on the top, 2 shades of lighter purple for the middle and ends. After sitting my ass down for 5 hours, I walked out of 99 percent hair studio with this gorgeous shade(s) of purple!
Quote 'TRIISSY' when doing any hair services and get 1 year free membership which entitles you to lots of discounts!
My new hair looks really different under different lighting, you can follow me on instagram or add me on snapchat (ID: triissy) to see live feeds of whatever I'm doing!

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Slimming Journey with Suddenly Slender

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I'm so so so happy to be one of Suddenly Slender's ambassador because as many of you guys know I'm fat and fat and fat so being an ambassador with Suddenly Slender gives me that ray of hope that maybe I can finally lose some of those excess weight.
I just had my first session with them a week ago and there will be 5 more treatments so let's hope for good news by the end of all 6 sessions shall we? (:
During your first visit, there will be a consultation where you weight will be taken and you total BMI, muscle mass, fat mass, water mass in your body will all be calculated. The calculation will be able to tell you which part of your body has the highest fat mass so that area can be targeted later on.
Besides that, a nutritionist will also pop in and let you know the basics - like how much is a portion of meat/veg/carb etc and you are free to ask questions. For babes who are just starting on cutting down your food portions this would be really helpful.

In the changing room, there are shower heads with shampoo and body foam included so you don't have to worry about lugging bottles of toiletries when you come down for treatment. On the other side you have the sauna rooms. There are lockers available so your valuables can be kept safe during your treatment.

Once you're done changing into disposable bra and undies, (first time I tried on a disposable bra it's like a tube bikini kinda bra) off I went into the sauna room! I'm someone who sweats only when it's REALLY warm so it wasn't till about 20mins into the sauna when I started sweating and the whole process takes only 30mins. Since no one was watching, I extended another 5mins to force out all the water inside me!
One thing I liked about the sauna room was the purple furry mat because it was so comfortable and you know that kind of feeling when you touch something soft it's just so soothing or is it just me?

Post sauna, you'll be ushered in to the treatment room where you get to lie down and the area that I'm targeting is MY TUMMY. The room was pretty dim so when I first stepped in I saw lights on the ceiling which was emitted from the machine. Kinda felt like I was in some kind of party with disco lights. Party for the death of my fats maybe. Like I'm so done with you.
 The reborn slimming treatment involves using infra-red heat(the red light) to expand blood capillaries to stimulate lymphatic flow, resulting in drainage of toxins and waste materials trapped in your body. Your metabolic rate will thus increase which quickens the burning of fat.
The probe used on me was the one inside and aside from infra-red heat, it also vibrates to cause collision of fat cells so that the heat can be activated to soften stubborn cellulite and fats. This treatment takes another 30mins on the area you wish to target and I love how the gel/cream applied was slightly minty and has a cooling sensation on your skin. It is 100% painless, in fact felt more like a gentle massage which was relaxing.

After you're done, you'll go back to the changing room to get changed or have a shower while dessert is being prepared for you in the consultation room! Here's me looking happy after treamtent because I found hope, or rather hope found me.
Yummy less sugar or maybe even no sugar red bean soup which helps clear heatiness and eliminates toxin. How thoughtful right! And it was quite a huge bowl - comparable to the size sold outside.
If you'd like to try out the treatment I did, HERE'S HOW:
and receive a free reborn slimming treatment!
Whatever I went through, you get to experience yourself and you'll also get a S$100 voucher with spending above S$500!

For more information, you can check out their facebook page here or visit any of their outlets (I went to the orchard one):

Orchard Branch
Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre, 11 Cavenagh Road
#01-08/09, Singapore 229616
Tel: 6884 8111

Raffles Place Branch
Malacca Centre
20 Malacca Street, #12-00 Singapore 048979
Tel: 6345 8111

Yishun Branch
Blk 930 Yishun Central 1
Singapore 760930

Tel : 6481 3168

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REVIEW: Palmers White and Even Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment

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Everyone who has seen me would know I have the world's most horrible dark circles even after having concealer on and if there's any way to lighten it permanently I'd be the first to try it because that's how desperate I am in trying to get rid of them.
Introducing the new Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment (S$22.90/15ml) from Palmer's White & Even range which is said to:

* Brighten Dark Circles and Under eye shadows
* Help Improve Microcirculation
* Reduce puffiness
* Firm and Lift sagging skin
* Moisturize eye area

Initially I thought this was just a normal serum of some sort which is translucent/opaque but the Palmers White and Even Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment was shimmery. This shimmer helps in brightening the eye area so it's suitable for day use after washing up in the morning and it's a great way to moisturize the eye area before putting on concealer. Well for me at least because the shimmer does lighten my eye area but not enough to cover my horrendous panda eyes.
A little of this product goes a long way so please don't be over enthusiastic and squeeze out a huge load of the product because you're just gonna waste it! Massage the product in with the applicator then gently tap the applied area for maximum absorption. Here's a comparison with and without the product:
SEE HOW HORRIBLE MY PANDA EYES ARE? I think I need a miracle to make it disappear completely. If you're worrying about the shimmer/glitter irritating your eye, fret not because they are really fine but if you have sensitive eyes you'd best try the product out in stores prior to purchasing it. The Palmers White and Even Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment has a watery serum texture that is easy to glide on and doesn't make your eye area feel oily with the metal applicator which is so cooling and helps reduce puffiness!
There is no scent for this product and is paraben, sulfate, phthalate, harsh dye and synthetic dye free so it's definitely safe for your delicate eye area and did I already mention how soothing the metal applicator tip is?! I pack this in my bag now and whenever my eyes feel tired I'd take it out and use the back of the applicator without the product to just massage my eyes for awhile because staring at the computer for so long is no joke.
(Please excuse my bare face)

If your eyes need a little pick me up, you can get the Palmers White and Even Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment (S$22.90/15ml) from any Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Robinsons, John Little, Essentials Pharmacy, Nishino Pharmacy, all leading pharmacies, departmental and/or cosmetics stores!! Thank you Sample Store for this wonderful product!  :*

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Imperial Treamtent @ Imperial Spa

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Work has been so stressful lately as I sit by my computer for more than half a day and by the time I'm supposed to knock off I lost count of the number of times I stopped to knead my shoulders and neck because it just feels constantly strained - is anyone else here feeling me? ):
Luckily for us, there are a lot of massage places available and Imperial Spa which is located at 184 Bukit Timah Road has recently opened their doors for business!

Me and G were invited to their grand opening and it was my first time seeing a lion dance so up close it was an interesting pre massage experience I must say. Such a joyous occasion I honestly felt like it was CNY all over again in July.
Here at Imperial Spa, there are a total of 3 levels with the first 2 levels being single rooms and the 3rd for couples. There is also a foot reflexology area where there are TVs attached to the reclining sofa chairs for your ultimate relaxation and comfort while getting your feets massaged. I've went to a few spa centers and this is my first time seeing TVs attached to each individual chair so I can take a break from using my phone and just enjoy the moment. Or I might just zonk out and sleep.
The main color theme here is brown and gold which are majestic colors and the whole ambience was like stepping into a history book back in a certain dynasty or is that my imagination running wild again? Hahahh can't stop being a designer even on my off days. The rooms are dark so you can fully relax without any distractions and just let yourself float away to whatever was playing in the BGM.

Prices stated are promotional rates so take this chance to try them out and I promise you'll come back for more!

Authentic Body Massage

(Oil Included)
Half hr1hr1.5hr2hr
Imperial Accu Pressure$39$65$90$120
Imperial Swedish$39$65$90$120
Imperial Javanese$39$65$90$120
Imperial Twin TherapyN.A.$120$178$240

Authentic Foot Massage

(Cream Included)
Half hr1hr1.5hr2hr
Imperial Foot Therapy$30$50$75$98


Within Time
Imperial Body Scrub (on request)$12 FREE
Imperial Hot Stone (on request)$12 FREE
I know of some places where you have to pay additional for oil or to upgrade your oil which I find pretty dishonest because it should all be included! After we got undressed and before the massage officially started, our masseurs asked us which oil we would love to use and I picked lemongrass (gosh I love lemongrass so much) while G picked lavender. Both very calming scents and nourishing to the skin.
Imperial Spa's body massage helps in relieving muscle tension and soreness. The massage oil is used to lubricate the skin to further aid in performing the massage strokes. The masseur's movements warmed up my muscle tissues which aided in releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle adhesions (especially on my shoulders - it was so tight). The masseurs here are mostly female and though skinny, they pack a lot of strength so it was really thoughtful of them to ask if the applied pressure was tolerable. Massaging frequently improves your blood circulation which helps in detoxification, it also rejuvenates the body with the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. 
After an hour long of massage, me and G felt like jellies because we were so nua like sloths. Though we felt sleepy, we were rejuvenated and can't wait for our next session! 
If you're thinking of getting a trial, here's the current promotion:
Make your booking now and don't forget to like their facebook page here and check out frequently for promotions to release all the built up muscle tension and soreness from our everyday hectic lifestyle. #Singaporeans

Imperial Spa

184 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 229854
Opening hrs : 11am-4am
Kindly temporarily call this number for bookings
Tel: +65 8569 2008
Parking available at these areas (Click to enlarge)

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