REVIEW: My Beauty Diary Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask

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The weather has been so cranky recently - one moment it's raining and the other sunny as hell.
This caused my skin to get really wonky with breakouts, dry patches, uneven skin tone and the list goes on and on... Who feels me?
My Beauty Diary has recently launched their new black mask range which features a uniquely patented ingredient - Cosphingo with long-lasting moisturizing property for improved hydration, enabling the skin to feel soft and supple like baby’s bottom. There are 3 types of mask from their new series and today I'm gonna introduce you guys to the Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask (S$16.90/pack of 5).
The packaging looks really premium with all that spot UV on matt laminated box and oh someone stop me before I go in depth on print finishes.

The pink one is the Black Rose Brightening Black Mask which is recommended for those with dark skin and skin desiring radiance.

The grey one is the Black Pearl Total Effects Black Mask which is recommended for those with fine-lines and skin desiring firming effect.
The blue one which is the one I'm holding; is gentle enough to be suitable for all skin types especially those requiring intense hydration and illumination yet still packed with benefits and the following features:

3D Hyaluronic Acid & Yeast Compound
The unique structure of the 3D Hyaluronic acid forms a protective film over the skin to replenish and retain moisture, preventing dehydration and allowing skin to stay deeply hydrated.
Yeast compound helps tighten and regulate skin tone, and effectively soothes fatigue skin in just 15-20 minutes to reveal a glowing, youthful and velvety smooth complexion.

Conforming Black Sheet Mask Material 
With refined tailoring and texture characteristics, the black sheet mask material provides the perfect fit that conforms not only to your facial contours, but also your neck area, offering optimal adherence and comfort fit you deserve. Infused with essential essences to deliver instant nourishment to your skin, this mask simultaneously eliminates impurities in the pores, yielding porcelain, shine-free and silky smooth skin!
French Black Obsidian helps support the skin’s protective mechanism and enhances the skin’s hydrating power. The infusion of Laminaria digitata and sugar maple delivers intense hydration to the deep layers of skin to improve dry skin texture, revealing renewed and brighter skin. Also enriched with Calendula officinalis, Licorice, and Ruscus aculeatus extracts to relieve dry, rough and irritated skin, the mask is also rich in Bladder wrack seaweed, Aloe vera, and hydrolyzed Jojoba for improved hydration, allowing the skin to feel optimally nourished, revitalized with glowing luminosity!
As the name states, the mask is BLACK. This is my first time using a black mask which got me thinking - how fun would it be if masks come in different colors! The mask covers all the way to your chin and jaws plus the conforming material had a slight elasticity making it fit all face shapes snugly as seen on me:
First thoughts on the mask upon opening the sachet - IT SMELLS GOOD but not too overpowering as if lots of artificial fragrance has been added in. The mask was so soaked with the serum yet it didn't drip down my neck. However as there were remaining serum in the sachet, I massaged it into my neck because you don't want to be seeing ugly coarse lines there!
Absorption is pretty fast for this mask when I had it on for 20 minutes but I'm the kind who leaves my mask on overnight while I sleep because some masks are still damp even after 20-30mins and I don't want to just throw it away like that so either I leave it on or use it to rub around my knees/elbows as they are SO DRY.
After removing the mask, just look at the difference! My skin felt smoother and my angry zits are visibly calmer. The rough lines on my forehead are much less visible as well. The after photo was taken right after I woke up with the mask on overnight so pardon my messy hair. Ok you probably can't see much from the screen but I'd invite you to have a touch on how smooth it is if I could...Or you can get a free sample!
Here's your chance for MyBeautyDiarySG fans who have missed out on the opportunity to redeem a sample mask to discover the wonders of the Black Obsidian! From 20 April till 5 May, simply submit your entry at and they will be picking 2,000 lucky winners of a single-piece pack Black Obsidian Black Mask! Hurry and take part in the contest today, and all the best! (:
Contest is limited to one entry per Singapore address, and for fans who have not already redeemed the Black Obsidian Black Mask in other deals or contests.

For more updates on promotions, like My Beauty Diary on facebook!!!

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REVIEW: Marugoto Shokudou Japanese Dining @ Ang Mo Kio

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Awhile back, I was kindly invited down to Marugoto Shokudou for their all new lunch and dinner set menus that will satisfy your craving for japanese food at any time of the day/week/year.
Some of you might find this as good news because there's finally good food located in Ang Mo Kio heartland instead of town/CBD area where the whole Singapore is at most of the time.
When it comes to food, the first thing I look out for is the quality of food served and affordability.
At Marugoto Shokudou, you enjoy the 2 factors mentioned above along with a cosy ambience that makes you feel like you're having your meal right at your home. They also have a feature wall with traditional japanese decoration which I found really interesting.

The japanese owned restaurant sits 120 and provides ample walking space so you don't feel 'suffocated' while enjoying your meal - where you have nearly 150 unique dishes to choose from.
Or if you want to cut the hassle of deciding, you can opt for the new lunch/dinner set which is reasonably priced because their portions are really generous.

Starting off with the first item from the dinner menu, we have the Pitan Tofu which is chilled tofu topped with century egg bits, sauce and prawn roe. The taste is further enhanced with spring onions and gives the whole dish a little bite. Truth be told, I never liked century eggs and I don't eat century egg porridge at all but this Pitan Tofu tasted nothing like pure century eggs because of the special prepared sauce and I FINISHED ALL OF IT. That's how good it is!
Still at appetizers, we have the Fruit Salad (left) served during lunch and Hokkigai Salad (right) served during dinner. The fuit salad consists of apples & pear slices with shredded cabbage, cherry tomatoes and cucumber topped with a sweet dressing which is really refreshing to the tastebuds. If you enjoy having fruits you'll love this. The Hokkigai salad is savoury with pieces of clam and bits of seaweed on shredded cabbage which is also dressed in their special sauce. This salad is especially popular and you might even want a second serving!

Right after the salads, we were called to get on board the ship that was reaching us...
Okay, so I was really surprised at the size of the whole boat and how it was filled with sashimi!! Marugoto Shokudou serves only the freshest sashimi which is imported every Tuesdays and Fridays so you can expect the sweetest taste and smoothest texture in your mouth.

On the boat we have:
Ama Ebi 甘海老 sweet shrimp
Maguro 鮪 tuna
Kajiki 梶木 swordfish
Shake 鮭 salmon belly
Hamachi 魬 young yellowtail
Hotategai 帆立貝 scallop
My personal fave in this whole boat was the Hamachi (pictured in the background above) a young yellowtail fish sashimi. It is drizzled with specially prepared sauce by the chef which doesn't just taste like your ordinary soya sauce. The sauce enhanced the overall taste of the Hamachi and before I knew it, I downed about 6 slices but honestly I could finish that whole plate if we weren't sharing.
Time for mains! The above is Pork Layer Cutlet served in the lunch menu and while all of them are really moist inside retaining the natural juice of the pork, this particular cutlet with sour plum is the special one that is tangy yet savory and guaranteed to tantalize your tastebuds. If you're trying to imagine the taste in your mouth, I'd say it's something you probably haven't tasted before so you ought to go try it for yourself! There's also the original pork cutlet plus one that is stuffed with cheese accompanied by red wine miso sauce. Good glorious cheese oozing out from the pork?! YES PLEASE!
Hopping over to the dinner menu, you have a choice of Salmon Steak Amiyaki or the Beef Yuzu Miso Yaki. For a set meal, I'd say the amount of salmon is beyond generous and the fact that it is sashimi grade salmon makes the whole menu even more worth it! Grilled to a state where it is crispy on the outside and juicy inside, I could eat it everyday with the italian balsamico sauce. If 2 pieces of salmon won't satisfy your hunger, there's a bowl of rice and miso soup to go along.
The Beef Yuzu Miso Yaki is the second choice for the dinner menu and just like the salmon, it did not disappoint. The yuzu sauce is not too overpowering in taste, just right enough to enhance the taste of the beef. The beef is really tender despite its deceiving outlook and you could easily finish the whole steak without feeling too full. For the guys looking to bulk up - this is for you!
Lastly, to end things off on a sweet note, we have the Macha Azuki Ice Cream, Yuzu Ice Cream (sorbet) and Tiramisu Mousse Cake. I LOVE dessert so all 3 of them are my faves. For those looking for something less sweet, the hand made Yuzu Ice Cream is a great choice because it's refreshing and light after all the savory dishes, moreover, it's a sorbet so it's a healthier choice as well. The Tiramisu Mousse Cake was light and fluffy with no alcohol added so if you hate the taste of rum in other tiramisu you might want to try this out. As for the Macha Azuki Ice Cream, the macha taste comes strong and slightly bitter but when matched with the azuki beans which is sweet, it's kinda like heaven on earth.

4190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Broadway Plaza, #01-07
Singapore 569841
Tel: 6451 2822

Opening Hours: 1130am-2230pm
(Last order at 2200pm)

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REVIEW: Going 素/Vegetarian with Sufood @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

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What do you guys think of when the word 'vegetarian' pops up?
For me and most singaporeans, I'm sure imageries of the kopitiam kind of curry vegetables, mock meat & mock fried goose comes into mind.
I was expecting those kind of zi char vegetarian style food when me and G stepped into Sufood but instead they served Italian Chinese fusion food.
Located at level 2 of Raffles City Shopping Centre, this Taiwan vegetarian restaurant's first outlet in Singapore sits about 140 pax and offers competitive prices seeing that it's in a prime location.
How competitive you ask?
A fully customizable eight course meal is priced at only S$29.8++ which includes:
Sufood Appetizer (as pictured above)
Rosemary Breadsticks
Mulberry Vinegar Drink
Choice of salad (4 options)
Choice of soup (4 options)
Choice of Main (12 options)
Choice of Dessert (4 options)
Choice of Drink (8 options)

Or you could also opt for the 5 course express set lunch at S$21.8++ which includes your choice of salad, soup, main, dessert and drink.
We started off with the Rosemary Breadsticks with mustard and blueberry dip.
The bread was light and had a slight crisp which went really well with the mustard dip if you're a savory kind of person but if you wanna be adventurous, try out the blueberry dip for a sweet yet tangy taste.
Next up, the Mushroom Salad which is a popular choice comes with button & shitake mushroom, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and garlic. I'm a huge fan of mushrooms so this is my top favourite salad.
If mushrooms are not your thing there's also a fruit salad with yogurt dip which is also refreshing.
Following the salad, we had the Cabbage Sweet Potato Stew (left) and the Root Soup (right).
Traditional chinese soup always taste the best and Sufood's soup taste just like it came right out of my mom's kitchen. Rich flavours from hours of brewing that makes your tummy all warm, fuzzy and ready for the main course.
For our main course, we had Potato Crisp Piazza (left) and Vegetable Pita Pockets (right).
The serving of the pizza was pretty huge for me and see those white bits on top? They are vegetarian cheese and tasted surprisingly like the real deal. The whole pizza feels like having french fries dipped in tomato sauce with cheese - lots of texture and crunch in one.
For the Vegetable Pita Pockets, they are slightly spicy because of the jalepenos and the sauce was kinda like a salsa sauce. The 'meatballs' are made primarily of potatoes with a blend of other ingredients bounded with breadcrumbs.
Lastly, dessert was served with our drinks, Banana Cheesecake with Very Berry juice (left) and Sesame Panna Cotta (right).
The banana cheesecake was normal I felt, but the sesame panna cotta was an really interesting fusion of chinese italian dessert. It wasn't too sweet and the fragrance of the black sesame stood out really well. The texture was also really smooth it slid right down my throat.
Sufood has an interesting concept of vegetarian food beyond my expectations and who knew vegetarian italian food could taste so good? Me and G even cleared up all the plates because it was SO GOOD.

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103

Opening hours:
Lunch: 11.30am - 4.30pm (Last order at 3.00pm)
Dinner: 5.30pm - 10.30pm (Last order at 9.00pm)

Tel: 6333 5338

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New Hair with 99 Percent Hair Studio!

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This is yet another milestone in the history of Tris's Hair Journey because...
I have never actually considered blue as one of the colors that I'd go for because I'm not a fan of blue, the blue will fade to green and I didn't know if blue hair would suit me well.

So you must be thinking: Then why did you even dye your hair blue?!!

WELL BECAUSE since my hair was already bleached and I've tried so many shades of purple and pink and pink and purple again and again so might as well try something TOTALLY different right?
I didn't want to DIY anymore because I had no time and my faded hair is a ridiculous mixture of purple/green/blue/gold so I started googling for 'salons in singapore bright hair color'
and chanced upon 99 Percent Hair Studio's facebook & instagram page!
I was really impressed when I was browsing through their instagram because they have transformed so many heads and even if you're not comfortable with being as 'LOUD' as my hair color they have done subtle ones where the color is only on the underneath/bottom.
I was really in love with all the colors they have done so I booked an appointment to get rid of my dirtyyyy blonde ASAP.
When I entered the salon it felt very eco-ish because of the wood and grass concept so it didn't feel too corporate but cosy instead.
After settling down (& connecting to their free wifi), my stylist - Kelly, recommended a blue & turquoise head which I went wide eyed at initially because as mentioned above it was something I've never tried before.

After some trimming of my split ends, my hair was parted - bunned up area turquoise and the rest midnight blue and it was time for the dye!!
So while the color was sitting on my hair, I asked Kelly why couldn't we leave the dye in for 1-2 hours since that's what most caucasians did and she told me that our hair would have fully absorbed all the color particles in 30 minutes and having it on any longer would be of no difference.

The dye that 99 Percent Hair Studio uses for their bright colors are ammonia free, preoxide free and PPD (P-Phenylenediamine) free so they don't damage your hair. The dye is also 100% vegan and not tested on animals so the color actually acts like a stain on your hair which will slowly fade off in a few weeks/months worth of hair washes depending on how well your hair holds on to the color.

Post washing off the color, a treatment mask was applied to my hair and before it was ready for blow dry, Kelly applied O'right's yogurt hair mask on my hair which SMELLS SO GOOD!

Not only does it smell good, the hair mask contains hydrolyzed keratin which penetrates into cuticle scales to promote the connection of fibrous proteins and form a bright, protective membrane on the surface of hair. The bottle is made biodegradable with a seed embedded at the bottom of the bottle so when the bottles are buried in a wasteland, the bottle disintegrates allowing the seed to grow.
I was right about 99 Percent Hair Studio's effort on being eco friendly!
Look how much my hair has transformed!
From a dull and lifeless looking blonde to a bright and shiny aquamarine.
TOTALLY DID NOT REGRET heeding Kelly's advice.
They always say it's hard to find a stylist who knows you better than you do and whom you can trust so I thank god for her and 99 Percent Hair Studio for giving me this 'extreme' hair makeover.
If you're ready for a hair transformation, here's a special promotion for you!!
From now till 30th April, simply quote 'TRIISSY' when doing any hair services and upload a photo of your new hair hashtagging #99percenthairstudio to get a free 1 year membership which entitles you to
- 10% off your total bill
- Bring a friend and get extra 10% off
- Additional 20% on your birthday month
PLUSSSSSS a secret gift from me to you when you tag me in your newly done hair photo!


Opening hours: 11.00am - 8.30pm

42 east coast road 
#01-03 MODA 
Singapore 428762  
Tel: 67027062

Don't forget to like & follow them on facebook & instagram for more amazing transformations!

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Thoughtbuzz - The Only Social Media Tool You'll Ever Need!

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Do you own lots of social media platforms?
I'm sure most of us in this era owns at least 3 accounts in various platforms and sometimes it gets tiring to always sign in or switch between apps and the best part is sometimes I lose my password and no matter how hard I try to recall I just can't ): (happened to my twitter account)
There's just so many things to do yet so little time, don't you guys think so?
If you're facing the same problem as me, we don't have to worry anymore because ThoughtBuzz is here to save our day!
ThoughtBuzz is basically a social media monitoring tool where you can do social media tracking by managing all your twitter, facebook, instagram & youtube accounts at once and not just that, they also have several distinct features that set them apart from the other competitors in the market:
Pretty impressive right? If you're ready to give ThoughtBuzz a try, here's one good news -
it's absolutely FREE if you just want to manage your facebook & twitter accounts!
If you wish to also monitor your youtube & instagram accounts, it's only for SGD 6/month which sounds pretty reasonable to me because one plate of nasi padang can already easily cost $7 which not only can make me fat but also only satisfies my hunger for a day so I can easily make do without that and pay $6 a month to save me time and trouble!
Once you're all done signing up and logged in, you'll be brought to the home page where you can see current trends on the various platforms and stay up to date.
So the first thing you wanna do is to add in all your accounts to start tracking all your updates so to do that you'll have to click on the gear icon.
I chose to add my twitter account first and I was brought to the twitter page for authorization to let ThoughtBuzz access my data.
All accounts are logged in and authorized through the actual website itself so you don't have to worry about your password being leaked to hackers as the pages is secured. (You know a page is secured when you see https://)
After you're done adding in all your accounts, it's time to add them onto your dashboard by clicking the chat bubble icon. So at a glance, I'm able to track my instagram account - followers, likes & comments; my youtube videos & views and lastly my twitter feed and mentions. I like how I can just reply to tweets straight from the dashboard!

So, moving on to the next human icon - this is where I can import all my followers & fans and know who has liked or commented on my photos. It can take awhile for the statistics to load so all I saw was 0s.
Aside from monitoring your followers activity, you can also check their profile out like how I checked/stalked G's profile (:<
STALKING MADE EASY. *cues evil laughter*
After you're done stalking, let's move on to the next graph icon.
This is where you can check your social media analysis & statistics of your various accounts and I'm gonna show you guys the one for my instagram account because it's really interesting and I didn't know I could know so much about my account.

The first thing you'll see are the top posts with the most likes and if you continue scrolling down, you'll get to see a very in depth detailed graph chart of your interaction rate - when is your most happening timing and day so you'll know when is the best time to post your photos to get MORE LIKES! The more the merrier right?

I feel that ThoughtBuzz makes managing multiple social media platforms real brainless because everything is out there for you to view including statistics which you can't get from the individual platform's web page. It is suitable for bloggers/influencers/businesses/companies who is juggling with attending events, coming up with facebook competitions, writing informative blog posts, taking lots of pictures to post on the web yet wants to also be in the loop and track the statistics of their social media platforms to know how the things they post are reaching out to their audience.

Don't forget to like their facebook page here for tips & news on how to boost your social media statistics!

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