REVIEW: Catch 'N Bite Singapore

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You guys know how there are just days when you just crave for seafood??
Crabs, lobsters, fish, clam & etc etc just anything with that salty sea taste in your mouth...
This is when Catch 'N Bite pops into my mind!
I remember walking past the stall in Westgate after dinner and regretted not having the sandwiches from Catch 'N Bite because their sandwiches looks DELICIOUSSS. And the best part?
They're a takeaway stall but there are seats in front of the stall should you want to have a place to enjoy your sandwich. If sandwich alone isn't filling enough for you, they also offer tarts & bites! Or you can opt for a bento set instead! I found the tarts really interesting because I've never had a savory tart before and I was spoilt for choices.
The tarts are bite sized and great for parties/picnics because they don't only look pretty, they taste really good and fresh as well so your guests will definitely be pleased.
Tarts aside, the main superstars of Catch 'N Bite are the:
 Ultimate Lobster Sandwich S$12.90
This is a slightly spicy ciabtta sandwich packed with Maine Lobster, egg & corn.
I really love this particular sandwich because the lobster meat was sweet and they only use REAL FRESH LOBSTER HOR! Not mocked ones.
Crunchin' Crab S$8.90
This sandwich features a whole soft shell crab on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and spicy mayo.
Another one of my favourite as well because the crab looks so perfect and whole I know it's fresh and not just random chopped up pieces of the crab. It is crunchy and not too dry, the spicy mayo compliments the crab really well and someone please deliver this sandwich to me already T_T
It's reallllyyyyyy good guys, you need to try it!
If you're looking for something light, they also just sell the soft shell crab alone with the spicy mayo along with fish bites, calamari rings & moreeee.
They are all fried to perfection while still maintaining the natural freshness of the various seafood and they come with matching dipping sauces. 
Can we just sidetrack abit and look at how nicely their packaging is done? LOL as a designer, I APPROVE.
Solids aside, another one of their specialty is the Clam Soup S$4.90.
Made from 100% real lobster stock with no msg added so you can expect this soup to be heavenly~~
For $4.90 it's really worth it because every spoon you take you'll definitely have a clam. If you compare it to other places offering clam soups/chowder you'll find that their prices are much pricier sometimes for a portion that's even smaller than what Catch 'N Bite offers. #FACT
Quote 'Geraldcatchnbite' and receive a free Mango Chutney Shrimp Tart with any sandwich purchase! Hurry down to Catch 'N Bite now!

Westgate 3 Gateway Drive
#B2-­‐K16 Singapore 608532
Operating Hours:
Daily 10am-­‐10pm

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EVENT: Domino's Christmas Gift to YOU!

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I'm counting down to christmas and we only have 12 more days left!
Aside from the usual turkey, ham and sausages (which are costly and not exactly very filling), have you guys ever considered of a PIZZA PARTY? 
A whole long table of cheesy goodness accompanied with yummy chicken bites, drumlets, onion rings, meatballs and chocolate lava cakes for dessert?! Mai tu liao because from now till 11th Jan 2015, Domino's Pizza is thanking all you loyal pizza fans with a WHOPPING 50% OFF ALL PIZZAS.
(I wish I had an even bigger font size but I think you guys got my point)
If you're thinking - eh why so good? What's the catch?
There's no catch.
Domino's Pizza understands that during the year end season it is the time for families and friends to get together for gatherings and be jolly so all you have to do is to be diligent and head down to any of the Domino's outlet to make your purchase (I took a screenshot of the outlets for you guys).

To save time and not hog the counter deciding which of the 28 pizza flavors you wanna get, here's the menu and you're welcome! :D
(Click to enlarge)
*Surcharge applies for Cheese Burst, Cheesy Crust, Classics, First Class Pizza and Cheese sauce upgrade.

Wait, that's not all, Domino's Pizza also has a wide variety of scrumptious sides, delectable desserts and refreshing beverages that come in pairs - talk about double happiness!
Buy 2 sides and save or add-on to your pizza order and save up to 40% off as compared to ordering ala carte.
Don't worry about the waiting time because Domino's promises that customers will receive their take away orders within 15 minutes or you'll get a free personal pizza voucher to be redeemed in your next order!
Alternatively, you can also order online, through their app or via phone call and get it delivered within 30 minutes, FREE OF CHARGE 免费 PERCUMA.

So on Monday me & G were invited by The Influencer Network and Dominos Singapore to celebrate an early christmas together with the other bloggers and boy was it a great one because it was like we owned the whole kovan outlet.

Just look at how festive this place was decorated just for us! A++++++ for effort.
Prior to arrival, either I was really overdressed for public transport or singaporeans are just way too judgmental but anyway when we arrived I thought we were just gonna eat drink and chit chat but I was wrong.
The bloggers were split into 2 groups and we were supposed to dress up one of our members as a xmas tree. LOL. Poor G volunteered to be tribute (also because he's the tallest in our group) so we started wrapping him in crepe paper and decorating in every way possible making full use of his body. Are you guys ready for the final product?


LOL we couldn't stop laughing at how chio our tree was and not just any other tree but a mermaid tree. And then it was a fashion showdown!

No prizes for guessing who the winning team was! :p
After the first game I was honestly very very famished because I only had a bite of curry bread the whole day so my eyes literally lit up when the food was served.

Halfway through eating the second game started!
This time a cheering competition and because G could beatbox we were able to spice up our cheer.

 And thankfully although our team mostly forgot our cheer lyrics we still managed to win something home because #teamwork. Malu also malu together!

Thankyou The Influencer Network and Dominos Singapore for inviting us over to the awesomest pizza party I could ever imagine and to all the bloggers, it was nice meeting all of you! :D
Thankyou for such a great 2014 and also for picking me as best dressed for the night!
So many things to be thankful for this christmas!!
All photo credits to The Influencer Network & myself :p

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ADVERT: Top off the Year with Wickedly Delicious and Colourful Celebrations at Mount Faber!‏

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It's just 2.5 more weeks till it's end of the year and if you're still searching for the best place to celebrate the year-end festive look no further! Head down to the Singapore Cable Car 40th Anniversary for celebration on a high at Faber Peak Singapore! There's just something really romantic and interesting to celebrate in a cable car above Singapore's skyline accompanied with the city lights. Kinda looks like a million of fireflies below you.

Before we start, let me show you how you can get there so you guys can also have a rough idea of what view you're gonna expect.
Faber Peak Singapore offers you and your loved ones the most deliciously and colorful celebrations ever for this holiday season. It’s going to be all about partying and enjoying with your loved ones! Whether you are on the cable car ‘joyride’, or smacking your lips with happy food at the restaurants-with-a-view, be wowed with celebratory dining options, fireworks display all around and the best countdown parties everrrrr sans the horrible crowd.
For the month of December, enjoy the festive-inspired lunch and dinner menus specially prepared for you at their dining spots—Spuds & Aprons and Faber Bistro. Alternatively, take your ‘joyride’ in the cable car to a new culinary height with the Festive Sky Dining. Set out on three round trips, enjoy an exquisite celebratory-inspired four-course meal under the stars. (Or maybe even propose!!!)
She's bound to say yes! :p or at least I envision myself to say yes at such a wonderful night but SORRY G if you're reading this you've gotta be more creative don't kope my idea.

Come 31st December, party away at the restaurants or gather a group of six friends and embrace the New Year in your very own private cable car Celebration Cabin, surrounded by hearty food and wine while relishing in the dazzling display of fireworks.Snap away as the mountain lights up with colourful festive decors and “food trees”. 
Currently, there's ongoing promotions at the 3 dining spots, Spuds & Aprons, Faber Bistro and Sky Dining. 

A) Special Festive Set Menus at Spuds, Faber Bistro and Sky Dining

From 1 to 31 December 2014*

Spuds & Aprons
• Three-Course Festive Set Lunch @ $32++ per pax
• Four-Course Festive Set Dinner with Wine @ $80++ per pax

 Sky Dining (excluding 24 & 31 December)

• Four-Course Festive Sky Dining Menu @ $256++ per couple
• Inclusive of a glass of sparkling cocktail per person
• Complimentary box of chocolate per couple

 Pre-booking online is required at 

24 & 31 December 2014

 Sky Dining(Cable Car)
• Four-Course Festive Sky Dining Menu @ $320++ per couple
• Early Bird Promotion: Book online between 1 November 2014 
to 5 December 2014 and enjoy 15% off (S$272++ per couple)

 Faber Bistro

• Four-Course Festive Dinner set @ $88++ per pax
 Pre-booking online is required at 

*Ala-carte dishes will still be served at Spuds & Aprons, while the normal menu for Sky  Dining will be replaced with the festive menu from 1 to 31 December 2014.

(B) 31 December 2014, after 9.30 pm – Joyful Countdown at The Garden, Spuds & Aprons

A countdown package is offered for guests looking for a venue to party after dinner. With just $38++ per person, guests will get to enjoy two house pour wine or beer.

Pre-booking online is required at

(C) 31 December 2014, from 10.45 pm to 12.30 am – Celebration Cabin

Countdown to the New Year in spectacular style in a very own private cable car cabin. With a package fee of $488++ per cabin (a maximum of six guests per cabin), it includes:

• One bottle of Champagne or Prosecco
• One bottle of red or white wine
• Two round trips (10.30pm – 12.30am) on Singapore Cable Car
• Close-up fireworks display
• Cold-cut platter
• Party packs

Only 30 cabins available. Pre-booking online is required.

Here's a peek into what the 3 different restaurants have to offer:
Kids menu are available too! So if you're planning to celebrate as a whole family, your child will definitely not be neglected. ANDD for you vegans, goodnews! Vegetarian menu is available too.
Head over to their website at to pre-book online for their cabin because there's only 30 cabins avaliable!!! Hurry and you won't regret as you get to celebrate the festive season... not at home or club but in the cabin with fireworks display that is so close to you! 

*dies from envy*

To make a reservation at any of the dining spots, you may contact to get hold of the exclusive set menus that are available.

So what are your plans for this new year's eve?

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REVIEW: Reduze Pro

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The gorging games has commenced!
It's officially December and this is the period when we have lots of thanksgiving dinners, D&Ds, christmas parties hosted by different groups of people (and your attendance is compulsory), dinner gatherings etc etc... which translates to endless eating.

When we overeat (esp with all the unhealthy processed food), we jam up our digestive systems with toxins, become bloated and unhappy and the best part:

Having toxins sitting in your body is definitely not cool but yet everyday most of us are eating processed food and food high in fat, including me. Not only that, I can confirm chop most of us also don't drink 8 cups of plain water daily to flush out the toxins because of many reasons and excuses or you're just too lazy to grab a cup of water - your saviour is here.
WAIT. Before you go about slamming me for taking supplements instead of clean eating or water fasting or working out or whatsoever, I just wanna say that while it may work for some people, there are also lots of people who simply can't do it due to numerous personal reasons.

Ok now we've made that clear, let's see how the Reduze Pro can aid or kickstart your cleansing/detox/weight loss process!
The Reduze Pro(S$128/60capsules) contains a triple action formula which:

1. Detox, burn fat and lose weight

2. Rebalance Gut Flora
Increase Weight Loss Bacteria
Decrease Weight Gain Bacteria

3.Improve Digestive Function
Increase Bowel Frequency
Reduce Fat/Toxin Accumulation

4.Sustainable Weight Loss
Increase Fat Metabolism
Increase Satiety

And all of these will help you:

Eliminate Toxins & Waste
Flatten your tummy
Improve Bowel Regularity
Increase Satiety
Enhance weight loss
Get a clearer complexion
• Prebiotic Blend – Fructooligosaccharides, IGOB-131 Irvingia Gabonensis, Cascara Sagrada
• Probiotics Blend – Lactobacillus Gasseri, Lactoobacillus Plantarum, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobcateirum Lactis

Product Made in The USA

You can get all of the above benefits just by taking 1 capsule before having your food (I'll usually give it 10mins before downing food but I think you can down it immediately) 2 times a day.
For faster results, you can take the capsules 3 times a day before each meal.
I know everyone just wants to know the results and if it works right?
Well, YES it did but only slightly because I haven't completed my full 30 days yet.
Me and G started Reduze Pro together and 1 of us weighed X3.7kg on 29th Nov and as of today, 4th Dec at X2.9kg.
It's not a significant loss but it's still a loss and we didn't do any hardcore exercising and food wise, because of the increased satiety, we feel super full after our meals to crave for anything else. But of course results may vary as we are all created differently. Who knows you might lose more in the first month if you have alot to cleanse?

Please please please note that these capsules are not miracle capsules. You cannot rely on them to lose a significant amount of weight because even if you do, your meat and skin is gonna sag so bad as opposed to losing weight through exercising.

So, if you want to give Reduze Pro a try, here's a $10 discount code especially for you!
To enjoy the discount, simply make your purchase from Rakuten here: and key in the discount code during checkout. Only valid from now till 31 Dec 2014! (Just nice can get in shape before CNY :p)
It is also available in Guardian, Watsons, John Little, Metro, NTUC, Sasa, Robinsons & Unity.

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12 Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend/guy friend!

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Jingle all the wayyyyyy!
Christmas is just around the corner and not sure about you guys but I always find it ridiculously hard to get presents for our male counterparts/friends within a certain budget so I've gathered what G has hinted me and a few items I think is cool on this list to make life easier for you and you're welcome (:

1. iPhone Dock from Etsy - USD37.50
I found this dock really useful because of how you can hand all the necessities in one dock.
Suitable for those who always misplace keys/wallet and have to scramble through the whole house before leaving.

2. Kanken Bag from
Yes yes I know it's overrated and all, but there's 20% off storewide now!
And the leather handles are pretty neat.

3. D.I.Y Embroidery Notebook from Etsy USD26.65
For those who love D.I.Y

4. Shoe Shine Kit from Asos SGD36.51
Sounds like a weird gift but I think it's perfect for those with OCD.
At least it comes in a nice pouch!!
5. Brathwait Watch from Brathwait USD185
Really handsome piece for the guys, and yes it has a similar design as DW but imho DW is too mainstream, overpriced and it looks cheap, so here's Brathwait for you.

6. R2-D2 USB Car Charger from ThinkGeek USD39.99
Not only is it a R2-D2, it moves and makes noise just like one.

7. Plant Growing Kits from qoo10 SGD17.90
Grow a mini garden! They have so many different sorts of plants including a pot of kitchen spices or herbs for the budding chefs.
8. Personalized Cushion from Gift and Thank SGD27.90
I always love monograms and customized comfort, why not?
They accept customizations and have more designs here.

9. Crosley Portable Vinyl Player from UO USD98
I admit, this is actually one of the items in my wishlist.
It's a total table/desk/shelf candy!

10. Bose Soundlink Color from Challenger SGD219
These speakers may look small but they are Powerful!
If you're deciding between a Jawbone or Bose, I'd say Bose wins handsdown.
This is a cheaper alternative to the Bose soundlink mini which is priced at SGD299.

11. Moleskin Smart Notebook from Moleskin USD24.95
This one is for the designers where you can just draw on your notebook, use an app which instantly converts your sketches into fully editable vector file which is accessible within Adobe Creative Cloud. Saves alot of time, really.

12. Shirts! from anywhere but this particular one is from Asos SGD53.58
I think that all guys look good in shirts. Yup.
Especially white shirts. With tattoos.

Well, if you haven't heard, HDB just launched 4277 BTO flats across 6 projects in Sembawang, Sengkang, Yishun & Tampines. Application closes on 1st Dec!
BTO as a proposal is too mehhhh so why not for christmas? :p

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