DOs & DONTs when choosing your internship

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Internship is the time of your school life where you get a taste of the real working world and for some, a time of experimentation which would eventually influence your career in the future and it is definitely not a small matter to be overlooked.

I remember when I was choosing my internship singapore opportunity, it was from a list which my lecturer provided the class with so basically EVERYONE was fighting to be in that few known companies. And then there was me who decided that I officially sucked at my course and decided to intern at a magazine firm. From that experience, I learnt a few DOs & DON'Ts when I was choosing my own internship.

1. DON'T just look for the 'bigger' companies in the industry
I know how some of you dream of working in the most well known/hip/prominent companies and overlook the smaller agencies because I've been there done that but an internship is really way more than the perceived value but more of what you can learn while you're there, how the internship can challenge you and if what you've learnt is relevant to what you want to do in the future. If you don't know what you want in the future, go for something that interests you now while sticking close to what your course is about (if you wanna pass).

2. DON'T expect to be highly paid
Sometimes the best internships are lowly paid and I remember getting $200-300 a month for my internship while most of my other friends got at least $500-$600. I didn't make much noise about it because I loved my internship and it was enjoyable. I got a glimpse into what I wanted to do at that point of my life which was magazine design and I also learnt a lot during my internship which is much more valuable than my pay. But that doesn't mean you should let the employer treat you like their minion because #humanrights.

3. DO research about the company(s) you have in mind
When you're doing your research, it lets you know if what the company offers is suitable for you, if the job scope is relevant and most of the time, employers get impressed when you know who you're dealing with, what notable stuffs they have done and etc. This would aid you during your interview giving you a good chance of getting your dream internship amidst all the other students. If you need a portfolio (like me), prepare a few of your best relevant works to impress your future boss.

4. DO think for your future
Internship usually have long term impact in your life - it affects the choices you make after graduation or you might even be offered a full time position after you grad. Don't just go with the flow and think cin cai also can since it's just an internship. Go for something you enjoy and is relatable to your course because after you grad, the real world is merciless. You'll need a job to survive, to start a family, to own a house etc etc...

Finding internships and part time jobs for students is much harder now compared to my time (I'm making myself sound really old) and if you're currently looking for a singapore internship, I'm here to introduce you to STROFF.COM!! is an all in one jobs portal - covering part time jobs singapore, internships, full time jobs, temp/ad hoc jobs, contract and freelance job opportunities. They work with hundreds of recruitment agencies and direct employers to bring you the latest jobs available in the market and also to make your life easier because for whichever kind of job you need, they have it!

 For whichever phase of life you're in now, has different segments catered to everyone looking for a full time or part time job/internship.
And as for employers, you're not forgotten. You can post your ad for free and start looking for suitable employees.

Living in Singapore is not easy due to the high level of competitiveness and cost of living so you don't want to ruin your future and life with the wrong career.
Thousands of jobs, employers & employees waiting for the 'right one' and YOU could be the one!

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REVIEW: Palmer’s Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion

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If you love chocolate like me, have dry skin like me and are lazy to apply lotions like me,
then you're gonna LOOVVEE Palmer's new Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion (S$17.90/200g)
Founded in America back in 1842, Palmer’s has become one of the world’s leading names in skincare and their #1 formula, Cocoa Butter Formula, is one of Palmer’s key offering in its wide range of skincare. Cocoa butter - can eat one? Well technically yes since it's like food for your skin but here's a video of Palmer's trademark Cocoa Butter Formula:
I'm sure you've seen this brand lots of time while shopping around pharmacies and supermarkets and for the ladies you might have tried the stretch mark series so let me cut to the chase and introduce the star of today's post.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion provides deep moisture in an instant. This non-greasy formula sprays on easily and the new RapidSorb® Technology allows for quick absorption, leaving skin soft and smooth with 24 hour moisturization. PLUS it smells like legit chocolate so if anytime you're craving for chocolate but don't want the calories - just sniff it. Or apply it on your body so you kill 2 birds with 1 spray like me.
Sniffing it 24/7 because that's how often my chocolate cravings are. I kid.
So what makes this spray lotion so good?

Cocoa Butter: a rich natural moisturizer that leaves skin soft and silky, transforming even the roughest, driest areas into buttery soft skin.

Vitamin E: a powerful antioxidant that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and imperfections on the skin, giving a more even and toned appearance.

Shea Butter: deeply moisturizes and nourishes to leave dry soft and radiant

This is really a creative genius invention because applying lotion takes SO MUCH time and well I'm just lazy when it comes to taking care of my body skin so this spray lotion lets you get healthy hydrated skin in like 1 second. *PSSSTT* and you're done.
Do take note that you're to spray at least 3-4 inches away and not too close else all the lotion gets too concentrated in one area and you have to use your hands to spread it around and me being lazy not wanting to use my hands at all so I'll usually spray it as evenly as I can. One advice for you - use this spray in the toilet because it can get pretty oily/sticky on the floor/bedsheet (I sprayed it while lying on my bed just because) but yet it doesn't feel oily nor sticky when in contact with skin.
Here you can see how bad of a condition the skin around my leg is and after sparying on the Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion, it looked as if my leg just got photoshopped and blurred. Notice how it doesn't look greasy because it was fully absorbed in just less than a minute and there is no coloring at all. (In case you're thinking it would come out brown like chocolate) The Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion is great for a quick fix or areas that aren't too dry, but if you have severely dry skin, you'll probably have to spray it several times a day and be consistent.
I'd definitely buy it again once my can runs out because it's THAT GOOD and you have to get one yourself to believe it! The chocolate scent lingers in my room whenever I spray it and I'm not sure if it's just me but I find it especially therapeutic.

 You can get yours for S$17.90/200g at Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice, BHG, Robinsons, John Little and leading cosmetic stores!!
Here's their TVC for the Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion to end off this post:

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Nail Pampering Session @ Dazzlette Nails

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You guys have prolly seen my instagram and YES I have super chio nails now thanks to my new nail sponsor Dazzlette Nails!
They have recently just opened this month but they are definitely not new in the nail industry as Koji, the nail artiste has lots of experience and well, you can just tell by my nails that it's not amateur work.
Strategically located at Bras Basah Complex, it's just beside the national library at bugis or you can also walk from city hall MRT station and I remember I always used to come here often to get my art supplies and browse through art books upstairs.

They offer a wide range of colors and designs if you have no idea what you want to go for, or you can show Koji what you want and she will do it for you. Wherever your imagination leads you, Koji gives it to you. She's so passionate about her work she even worked through my troublesome nails with her injured finger T_T
Koji is very meticulous and because most of my nails were broken, she had to match fake tips to my nail and stick em on, then cut and file them short. From my instagram picture, bet you can't tell which ones are my real/fake nails right! I must share with you guys on how I broke my nails though- I was playing heart attack with my old set of gel nails, I got too excited and hit the table MY WHOLE NAIL FLEW OUT. Together with the gel on top of my natural nails. #FML. It was super pain but thank god it didn't rip into my nail bed.
The ambience in the shop was really cosy, Koji is really friendly, she talks to you and they were playing t-ara while I was there SO YAY TO KPOP! I hope they play EXO the next time just because. :D

If you're thinking to do your nails, give them a call at 63334221 to make your appointment and currently they are having opening promotions (S$38 for express gel mani+pedi & MORE) and you can check them out on their facebook page here and follow them on their instagram to see what they have already done!

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REVIEW: Essential Light Finish Volumizing & Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo & Conditioner

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I am current user of the Essential's damage care series (orange) and they have just recently improved their formula with added micro fine all smooth essence and revamped their packaging along with 2 new series: Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) & Deep Cleansing Care (blue).
Just like how our skin have oily and dry zones which we call ‘Combination Skin’, our hair also exhibits the same mixed behaviour like oily roots with dry ends also known as ‘Combination Hair’. For those with combination hair, you might find yourself using two shampoos to target the two problems – light, clarifying shampoos target oily roots but cause hair ends to be dry. Rich moisturizing shampoos target the dry ends but may be too rich for the scalp, resulting in build-up that makes the scalp oily. HOW LIKE THAT?
This is when the 2 new series from Essential come in!
Essential Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) and Deep Cleansing Care (blue) variants brings the best of both worlds to you with the optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care & Sebum Cleansing Technology, you can now achieve moisturized hair ends while maintaining a refreshed breathable scalp. Not forgetting their refreshing fruity scent which acts like aroma therapy for me in the toilet.

Now if you've read my previous post on my scalp treatment, you'd know how important it is to take good care of your scalp because that's where the roots of your hair are and where problems start! Prevention is always better than cure and even if it's curable, it's gonna cost you a bomb.
A massage shampoo brush helps to remove dirt and sebum more effectively from the scalp and the massaging action on the scalp also helps improve blood circulation and promote relaxation. This is the must have tool for healthy scalp and hair. I've heard from somewhere before that if there is improved blood circulation, your hair will grow faster too!
For those who does manicure very frequently like me you'll find this massage brush useful too because you won't have to use your nails at all and for myself, A HUGE BENEFIT because my blue hair stains my white nails like crazy when I wash it. #NOTCOOL
For a limited time only, Essential is giving out a massage shampoo brush with any purchase of shampoo (750ml) and conditioner (750ml) set S$19.60 which is available at all leading supermarkets and personal care stores.

To find out how effective the shampoo really is, why not redeem your free sample!
Simply head to Essential's Facebook page to get them and don't forget to like + follow them on instagram for giveaways and updates!

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Organic Scalp Treatment @ 99 Percent Hair Studio

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So it's been about a month plus since 99 percent hair studio gave me my mermaid hair and not too long ago, I went back to have my scalp treated because after all the chemical services and using of cheap shampoos (which causes silicone build up) my scalp needed some pampering!!
While I do wash my hair regularly, apply hair oil and masks and etc I usually neglect my scalp because I thought washing hair would take care of the scalp but boy was I wrong. My poor scalp was on the verge of dying till my hairstylist - Kelly enlightened me on how I can take care of my scalp post treatment.
We started off with some close up and in depth scan of my scalp which was kinda creepy because all those dirt you thought you could cover up with your hair would be shown with no mercy on the computer screen. I was kinda embarrassed to see my scalp but I'm gonna show you guys:
1. I have lots of clogged hair follicles caused by excess sebum which results in under nourished roots and this weakens your hair strand. When too much sebum builds up, it hinders the growth of new hair as it will harden and just stay there if you do nothing about it. This is how hair thinning and hair loss start.

2. For healthy scalps, one follicle should have about 2-3 strands of hair, but I have only one strand in most of my follicles on the top of my head because that's the area where it is most exposed to the sun & harmful rays.

3. The weird bumps on the strand is product/silicone build up which also hinders the growth of your hair and can make your hair look lifeless with flakes in your hair shaft.

4. I have micro hair growing out which is very fragile and any slight pull of comb will tug it causing my hair to get thinner and thinner...
Kelly proceeded to apply an exfoliation gel on my scalp which consists of wooden chips as the exfoliator. Just like how exfoliation works on your face, the gel will be massaged on your skin to remove any traces of dirt and clogged follicles. This went on for a good 30 minutes for blood circulation and the gel has a minty cooling sensation which really cools you down in this crazy hot weather.
I like how natural ingredients are used for this treatment because I don't think it works if you're combating a problem caused by chemicals with chemicals. After the massage was done, it was time to have it washed off with the special scalp shampoo which feels just as minty and cooling. Don't worry about it being too minty - it feels just right!
Post shampoo, it was time for the organic leave in hair treatment! Again, it feels awesome to just sit down and wait for the magic to work and erase all the problems that has been building up.
During this step, I was already pretty excited for Kelly to show me my new scans because well, I'm that impatient when it comes to things like this. After 30mins was up off to wash I go!
Here's my after results:
Notice how my follicles are now concave and free of blockage! ROOTS CAN FINALLY BREATHE!!! All the dirt/sebum build up was gone too!! **Hallelujah** When Kelly was showing me the scan I was pretty amazed by how big of a difference one treatment made.
AND AND checkout the new purple streak Kelly added to my hair! So loving it. Think she sensed that I was getting bored of my fading turquoise hair.
Scalp treatments are preferably done once every month and when you're shampooing your hair, make sure to give a little massage/scrub to promote blood circulation and also remove excess dirt/sebum. If you can afford, invest in a good scalp shampoo and try to use a silicone free shampoo.

From the overall looks of my hair, bet you couldn't tell there was so much problems to my scalp and this is precisely the reason why so many people neglect their scalp because of problems they can't see with their naked eye. Trust me, if you were to wait till you can see something with your naked eye, it'd probably be too late.
99percent hair studio is celebrating their 5th anniversary this month! (Only for members!)
From now till 31st May enjoy
*20% off chemical/nail services
*30% off treatment/nail art services
+10% product rebate when you do any of the above services!

Spend above $299 and get a free express manicure service only at their haji lane outlet.

Share your new makeover image on instagram and hashtag #99percenthairstudio and you might just be one of the 3 lucky winners to win a organic scalp treatment worth $169! (This very same one I did)

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Light up with iLuminate at Resorts World Genting

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Aside from watching movies in the dark in cinemas, 
I've never watched any live performances in pitch darkness like I did recently at Resorts World Genting and I must say it was a totally new experience with iLuminate.
Happening at Resorts World Genting from now till 28th Jun 2015, this 75 minutes show promises cutting edge technology with wireless controlled light up led suits and carefully choreographed dance with a heartwarming storyline in conjunction with Genting's 50th anniversary. This show will definitely bring you to a whole new level of entertainment as you groove along to the music and dance moves.
There are many special effects and levitation going on in the show and above you see the what I call 千手move which is pretty neat don't you think? If you're seated in the front, there are a few interactions when the dancers go off stage to the audience so either you get fascinated by it or get really creeped out because I felt the latter and the guys the former.
These guys probably reminds you of Daft Punk except they are the dancing version who have been featured on numerous shows like X Factor, Ellen, Dancing With the Stars, Good Morning America and music award shows. If you're a fan of U.S tv you definitely saw these guys before.

They have also collaborated with big stars like Christina Aguilera & Black Eyed Peas and have performed in various music awards too so you can expect top notch performance.
Because of the pitch darkness, I felt like I was in a 2D world or a video game of some sort like TRON and through the show I was looking intensely at the props plus the dancers to figure out how they actually create this illusion for the viewers but I gave up halfway because I just couldn't spot any loopholes/flaws that would give my any clues. LOL please tell me I'm not the only odd ball that does that during live performances.
I'm not gonna reveal the storyline because you have to go watch it for yourself and feel a whole new experience of live performance suitable for the whole family and ticket prices are as follow:

RM 198 (SGD 73) for VIP
RM 138 (SGD 51) for PS1
RM 88 ( SGD 32) for PS2 

RM 98 (SGD 36) for VIP
RM 68 (SGD 25) for PS1
RM 48 (SGD 17) for PS2

There will also be a 20% promotion for Genting Rewards members which is applicable to all prices. Show timings are on selected dates at 8.30pm.
More details can be found on their website here.

Okay la, don't say I very mean ok, here's a trailer video on what to expect during the show:

Thank you Resorts World Genting, Yee Wen & Ronald for your kind invitation and extended hospitality to us!

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REVIEW: Fat Freeze/Coolsculpting @ LUSH Aesthetics

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Girls have a never ending battle with fats.
Even the skinniest ones will pick an area that they are not satisfied with and be it skinny or chubby, if you have pockets of super stubborn fat that refuses to go away no matter how hard you workout or eat clean, then Fat Freeze might be a procedure you want to consider!
As the name suggests, fat freeze (also known as coolsculpting or cryolipolysis) freezes and kills your fat cells permanently at the treated area to eliminate stubborn fat, which will gradually pass out from your body as waste in a duration of 2-4months depending on your metabolism rate.
During my consultation at Lush Aesthetics, I highlighted the area I wish to treat (which is my lower tummy) and I was recommended a bigger plate size so that more fats from the area could be sucked up to be freezed. There are 3 sizes available - 100, 150, 200. The 150 size is ideal for smaller areas like your arms while the 200 size is for larger areas like your tummy. An antifreeze membrane to avoid frostbite will first be placed on the targeted area before the head is placed.

The coolsculpting procedure is the only FDA approved non invasive fat reduction treatment that uses vacuum to suck up your fats which is placed in between 2 cooling plates up to a temperature of -5°. Each treatment per area lasts for 50minutes and 30minutes for the arms (skin is thinner there). During the first few minutes, you might feel a little discomfort like someone is pinching a huge chunk of your fats but after that you get used to it and the area starts to feel numb. During the treatment, you can continue to use your phone or watch a show and a bell will be placed beside you should you need any assistance.
As mentioned earlier, it takes about 2-4months for the dead fat cells to be eliminated and with every session, about 20% of the fat cells is killed. So if you have a larger amount of fats in a certain area, you might need more than 1 treatment to see huge results. Although the fat cells are destroyed, this does not mean you can start eating all the junk food again because it will come back again if you're not careful with your diet. Fat freeze is NOT a solution for weight loss.
Your skin in the treated area will feel really cold, red and stiff immediately after the procedure but it will soon disappear. Bruising/tenderness in more sensitive areas is common but the pain is not tremendous so you can carry on with your usual activities straight after. Fortunately for me, I didn't have any bruises nor pain (probably too much fat?) but results vary for different individuals. Please note that you're not supposed to bathe with hot water hours following the treatment as it might cause blisters and that is nasty. If you have a naval piercing like me, you'll be told to remove it prior to treatment. You'll still be able to put it back on post treatment, so no worries about that. (:

My overall experience at LUSH Aesthetics was a pleasant one as staff there was very attentive and they would pop by every now and then to check on how I was doing. I also like the fact that they wrapped the head with cushion and towels so that the serum from the antifreeze membrane doesn't drip elsewhere and made sure that I felt comfortable.

You can literally freeze any part of your body downwards from your neck and each session is only  S$98 and S$188 for 2 sessions.
Each session means 1 head for 30/50mins, so for areas with 2 sides, you'll need 2 sessions.
LUSH Aesthetics
19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre
#06-11, Singapore 247909
Tel: +65 6737 4964 / 6733 2431

Opening Hours
  • Monday - Friday 1130am - 830pm
  •  Saturday & Public Holidays 10am - 7pm
  •  Sunday - Closed

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